They're hiring!

These 25 companies have at least 700 openings each, totaling more than 56,000 available jobs. What are they looking for? Here are excerpts from our conversations with their recruiters.

1. Google
2012 Best Companies rank: 1
Current openings: 701**

What they're looking for
The company is hiring across the board, but especially in its sales and engineering teams.

Job title with the largest number of openings
The company says it's hiring "hundreds" of software engineers in 2012.

Secrets to impressing their recruiters
We generally look for people who aren't just great at what they do, but also are well-rounded both in and out of work or school. This means that, in addition to looking for strong cognitive ability and meaningful work experience, we also want people with interesting and unique accomplishments -- sports, music, starting a business, or writing a book, for example. Cultural fit and diversity are very important to us. We aim to reflect the globally diverse audience of our products and believe that we can serve our users better when we foster a diversity of perspectives, ideas and cultures within the company. --Yolanda Mangolini, Director, Global Diversity, Talent & Inclusion

**The following number reflects number of open job positions, but more than one person could potentially fill each position.
No. of job openings as of Jan. 2, 2012. They are for U.S. only unless otherwise noted.
By Sierra Jiminez, reporter - Last updated January 24 2012: 2:52 PM ET