• Top 100

    Top 100

    Fat paychecks, sweet perks, fun colleagues, and over 70,000 job openings -- these employers offer dream workplaces.

  • They're hiring!

    They're hiring!

    These 25 Best Companies to Work For have at least 700 openings each, totaling nearly 56,000 jobs. What are they looking for?

  • 25 top-paying companies

    25 top-paying companies

    Engineers at Devon Energy take home an average $178,305 total compensation annually. See which other Best Companies to Work For offer big paychecks.

  • 'I work for a Best Company!'

    'I work for a Best Company!'

    Interesting assignments, mentoring, stints abroad, even losing 20 pounds: No wonder these folks love their workplaces.

  • No layoffs -- ever!

    No layoffs -- ever!

    These 14 employers have managed to survive a struggling economy while staying loyal to their workers.

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