5 ways to escape middle-management hell

Tired of responsibility without rewards? The best way to get out is to strike out on your own.

1. Piggyback on your current job
1. Piggyback on your current job
Chuck Sacco
Chuck Sacco had five kids at home, which isn't a good thing when you'd like to quit your job and start a business. So Sacco negotiated a severance package with his employer -- and a monthly consulting contract -- and co-founded PhindMe Mobile in 2007. "I was probably working 100 hours a week," says Sacco. It paid off. His startup merged with Movitas, a Bryn Mawr, Pa., tech firm, in 2009, and the company attracted $3 million in angel funding in 2010.

By Verne Harnish, contributor - Last updated February 21 2012: 5:36 AM ET