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Live chat: your new online salesperson Oct 4:  Website operators are tapping the potential of instant messaging as a new powerful sales tool. (more)
Oct 4: Two entrepreneurs have hit anti-terrorism pay dirt with a tiny black box that shuts down vehicles at the first sign of trouble. (more)
Oct 4: A data storage company generates all its own power using solar panels. (more)
The real estate bounce-back The housing market may be melting down, but prices are near rock bottom in these places - and offer opportunities for savvy investors to get in now. (more)
Early buyers of the 20-inch iMacs announced last month have complained loudly about poor screen quality, writes Philip Elmer-DeWitt. (more)
Teen mobile phone usage is way up, and the younger consumers are hungry for new wireless capabilities. Some device makers are finally starting to catch on, writes Business 2.0's Michal Lev-Ram. (more)
The Internet search giant is having a rough week -- and not just because it missed Wall Street earnings forecast. Chris Taylor suggests four steps CEO Eric Schmidt should take now. (more)

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100 fastest-growing tech companiesOur annual rankings show another banner year for the businesses leading the tech revival. Here's who is out in front and how they got there. (more)
The Next Net 25 It's getting crowded on the Web 2.0 frontier, but we highlight the newcomers most likely to strike gold in 2007. (more)
101 Dumbest Moments in BusinessSee the video, test your Dumbest knowledge, and let us know what you think was the year's most boneheaded moves. (more)
New rules of real estateThe real estate slump could get worse before it gets better. Here are smart strategies for today's turbulent market. (more)
Live rich, retire richerIt just may be possible to have it all. Our investment guide shows you how to live large now and bankroll your future. (more)
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The Next Disruptors Watch out, Microsoft, GE, United, AT&T, and, yes, even Google. Here come 10 game-changing startups with plans to upend existing industries and spawn new opportunities for the rest of us. (more)
Have you driven a Fjord lately? Think's zippy little Web-enabled, carbon-free electric driving machine could help reverse 100 years of automotive history. (more)
50 Who Matter Now Our second annual look at the people, products, trends and ideas that are transforming the world of business. (more)
The man who owns the Internet Kevin Ham is the most powerful dotcom mogul you've never heard of. (more)
Ripping up the rules of management Meet the contrarians, 11 business leaders who succeeded by zigging while the rest of the world zagged. (more)