Almanac of American Wealth

The richest Americans
Wealth is relative, and the value of the dollar is far from fixed. So this ranking of American plutocrats measures their total wealth as a fraction of U.S. GDP at their time of death (or for Gates, 2006). (more)

Why the wealthy avoid high risk
Hedge funds have their place, but America's richest embrace a cautious, diversified approach to investing. (more)

The Fractional Life
With jewelry, yachts and vineyards available by the slice, even the superrich are learning to share. Here are seven ways to enjoy the luxury life. (more)

A $5,000,000 home of one's own
Fortune's national sampling of what the rich get to choose from when they shop for real estate - from the top 10 states for sales of $1 million plus homes. (more)

Wealthy eccentrics Sometimes the rich are a little different. (more)
Private equity power list Here's how one lucky winner spent his new-found fortune. (more)
Private equity power list Fortune ranks and rates today's leading private-equity firms. Plus, how private equity is roiling the economy in a way that it never has before. (more)
Zestimates of the rich and famous From Larry Ellison to Oprah Winfrey, a look at estimates for some of the most prominent houses in's database. (more)
8 million joy ride With Quincy Jones riding shotgun, Fortune's Sue Callaway straps in - and takes the sinister, sexy, $8 million Maybach Exelero for a spin. (more)
Could your neighbor be a millionaire? Fortune magazine's Almanac of American Wealth profiles where the rich, but not so famous, live, work and play. (more) video