49. Nixon Peabody
What makes it so great?
The 600 lawyers at Nixon Peabodyóa leader in diversity, pro bono work, pay, and benefitsóactually seem to like one another, saying, ìPeople sincerely care about each otherî and ìPoliticking is virtually nonexistent.î

Headquarters: New York
Top 3 (of 14) U.S. locations: Boston, Rochester , New York
2005 revenue ($ millions): 368
U.S. employees 1,511
Employees outside U.S. 0
New jobs (1 year) 26
% job growth (1 year) 2
% voluntary turnover 5
Applicants 8,925
Most common job (salaried):
Associate Attorney
Most common job (hourly):
Job sharing program? Yes
Professional training (hrs./yr.) 40
Paid sabbaticals? No
100% health care coverage No
% minorities 19%
% women 60%
Has nondiscrimination policy
that includes sexual orientation?
From the January 22, 2007 issue
N.A.: Not available. U.S. employees includes part-timers as of time of survey. Job growth, new jobs, and voluntary turnover are full-time only. Revenues are for 2005 or latest fiscal year. All data based on U.S. employees.
* Average annual pay: yearly pay rate plus additional cash compensation for the largest classification of salaried and hourly employees.