100 Best Companies to Work For 

And the winners are...
See the full list of America's top 100 employers, including detailed company profiles, top locations, and contact information. Plus, post your thoughts on the winners in our Best Companies blog. more
1. Google
7. Starbucks
8. Qualcomm
5. Genentech

Everybody loves Wegmans See why this grocer is so popular among cashiers and customers alike. more video

Unusual perks From scuba classes to free iPods, here are some benefits Best Companies offer that go above and beyond. more
What makes Google great Sure the pay and perks are terrific. But employees also love the opportunity to build their resume and try new things. more video

Help Wanted: Google These cool job openings aren't just for techies. Are you an animal health expert? Lawyer? Submarine cable negotiator? Time to send your resume. more
Best employers in your state
California and Texas are home to the most companies on this year's list. See the top employers near you (including interactive maps) and the best places to live nearby. more
ï Texas
ï New York

25 Top-paying companies
Associates at Bingham McCutchen take home an average $211,017 total compensation annually. See which other top employers offer big paychecks. more

Does your company rock?
In January, Fortune Magazine will announce its 2009 Best Companies list. Does your employer deserve to be on that list? What makes your company an awesome place to work? Is it the pay? The benefits? The culture? The, gulp, management? Send photos and videos that show why your employer is remarkable. more
Even during economic downturns, the Best Companies to Work For are constantly scouting for talent. Here's how to get your foot in the door. more

Co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page and CEO Eric Schmidt talk to Fortune about what they're doing to keep the search giant the best company to work for. more

What makes the Four Seasons so special? Guests can check out anytime they like - but employees never want to leave. more

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