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    Company City U.S. employees
    Adobe Systems San Jose (HQ) 1,761
    Adobe Systems San Francisco 989
    American Fidelity Assurance Ontario 47
    Aéropostale San Ysidro 151
    Brocade Communications Systems San Jose (HQ) 2,028
    Build-A-Bear Workshop Anaheim 96
    Cisco San Jose (HQ) 17,335
    DPR Construction Redwood City (HQ) 229
    DPR Construction San Diego 177
    DreamWorks Animation SKG Glendale (HQ) 1,470
    DreamWorks Animation SKG Redwood City 508
    Four Seasons Hotels Beverly Hills 1,642
    Genentech South San Francisco (HQ) 8,560
    Genentech Vacaville 879
    Genentech Oceanside 486
    Google Mountain View (HQ) N.A.
    Google San Francisco N.A.
    Intel Folsom 5,345
    Intel Santa Clara (HQ) 4,687
    Intuit Mountain View (HQ) 1,364
    Intuit San Diego 1,102
    Intuit Woodland Hills 623
    Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants San Francisco 1,322
    Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants San Francisco (HQ) 90
    Marriott International San Francisco 5,336
    Mattel El Segundo (HQ) 1,601
    National Instruments Santa Rosa 19
    NetApp Sunnyvale (HQ) 2,665
    Nordstrom San Diego 1,270
    Nordstrom San Francisco 968
    Nugget Market Woodland 273
    Nugget Market Davis 234
    Nugget Market West Sacramento 112
    Nugget Market Woodland (HQ) 78
    Qualcomm San Diego (HQ) 10,770
    Qualcomm Santa Clara 614
    S.C. Johnson & Son Fresno 88 San Francisco (HQ) 1,901 San Mateo 215
    Scottrade Los Angeles 82
    Scripps Health La Jolla 2,516
    Scripps Health San Diego 2,454
    Scripps Health La Jolla 2,208
    Scripps Health San Diego (HQ) 1,507
    Stryker San Jose 1,303
    From the Feb. 7, 2011 issue
    Company headquarters and top 3 locations by size are listed on state pages.
    N.A.: Not available. U.S. employees includes part-timers as of time of survey. Job growth, new jobs, and voluntary turnover are full-time only. Revenues are for 2008 or latest fiscal year. All data based on U.S. employees.
    * Average annual pay: yearly pay rate plus additional cash compensation for the largest classification of full-time salaried and hourly employees.
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    Video $318,323
    Bingham McCutchen $219,888
    Alston & Bird $182,681
    California 16
    Texas 13
    New York 11
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