Brainstorm Tech
The MySpace Effect
Jul 23 
News Corp. COO, Peter Chernin, discusses how MySpace has influenced its parent company's business model, and vice-versa. Play
Jul 25 · By David Kirkpatrick
The Legatum Fortune Technology Prize will encourage business to tackle poverty through technology. At Brainstorm Tech, the discussion ranged from Apple to the next XO laptop, and from changing tech standards to changing the world. More
Google guru: Internet challenges
Jul 24 
Google's Chief Internet Evangelist Vinton Cerf discusses how the internet can handle the next wave of people and machines to connect. Play
By Todd Woody
The wide-ranging discussion underscored the complexity of the challenge and the fact that a solar-power-plant and wind-farm building boom is but one part of the big fix. More
Neil Young on green cars
Jul 23 
Musician Neil Young plans to turn his 1959 Lincoln Continental into a hybrid. Play's platform shines
CEO Marc Benioff says companies can save money and become more efficient by moving their software online. Play