FORTUNE 500 2006
Our annual ranking of America's largest corporations
Women CEOs for FORTUNE 500 companies
There are more women running FORTUNE 500 companies this year than there were last year. Currently, 10 FORTUNE 500 companies are run by women* (up from 9 last year), and a total of 20 FORTUNE 1000 companies have women in the top job (up from 19).
Claire Babrowski RadioShack 423
Brenda C. Barnes Sara Lee 111
Dorrit J. Bern Charming Shoppes 641
Mary E. Burton Zale 715
Patricia Gallup PC Connection 992
Susan M. Ivey Reynolds American 280
Andrea Jung Avon Products 281
Kay Krill AnnTaylor Stores 786
Linda A. Lang Jack in the Box 692
Kathleen A. Ligocki Tower Automotive 551
Anne Mulcahy Xerox 142
Janet L. Robinson New York Times 557
Paula G. Rosput Reynolds Safeco 339
Patricia F. Russo Lucent Technologies 255
Mary F. Sammons Rite Aid 129
Marion O. Sandler Golden West Financial 326
Stephanie A. Streeter Banta 940
Margaret C. Whitman eBay 458
Mary Agnes Wilderotter Citizens Communications 768
Dona Davis Young Phoenix 666
From the April 17th, 2006 issue
* Since publication, Patricia A. Woertz was named CEO of Archer Daniels Midland (rank: 56) effective April 28, 2006, and Claire Babrowski, who was the interim CEO of RadioShack (rank: 423), was replaced by Julian Day effective July 7, 2006. The total of FORTUNE 500 women CEOs remains 10, and FORTUNE 1000 women CEOs 20.
How the states stack up
Texas 56
New York 55
California 52
Best employers
These companies appear on both the FORTUNE 500 and our 2006 ranking of the Best Companies to Work For.
FedEx 212,241
Intel 48,655
Starbucks 91,056
Most profitable companies
Exxon Mobil 36,130.0
Citigroup 24,589.0
Bank of America Corp. 16,465.0
Best investments
Best Investments By Industry: Total Return to Shareholders (1 Year)
Petroleum Refining 60.7%
Mining, Crude-Oil Production 53.6%
Oil and Gas Equipment, Services 51.6%