(FORTUNE Magazine) – The wealthy Texans who bought the Texas Rangers got a lucky start on their investment. The group was led by oilman George W. Bush, 42, you-know-who's eldest son. After they bought the franchise earlier this year, the normally lethargic Rangers started the season with a string of big wins, boosting attendance at Arlington Stadium by 20%. Bush has some smart money in his bullpen: His 13 partners include Edward ''Rusty'' Rose, 48, a Dallas investor who made a killing in the animal-rendering business, and Richard Rainwater, 44, a Fort Worth financier who was investment adviser to the Bass brothers. The group bought a 58% interest in the Rangers for $25 million, plus $9 million in assumed debt. Bush plans to balance the team's budget by seeking more lucrative TV contracts, keeping a tight rein on players' salaries, and ultimately finding backing for a bigger stadium. He'll have to be a politician: Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as Arlington, want the ball field. Says Bush: ''We're one of the poor boys in the league. We have to be smarter and wilier.'' Politicking runs in the family, but can it keep producing runs?