Want A Spouse? Read This Book!
By Ellen Florian; Rachel Greenwald

(FORTUNE Magazine) – These days it's easy for smart women to get an MBA--it's the Mrs. degree that's proving elusive. So argues marketing expert Rachel Greenwald. In her new book, Find a Husband After 35 Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School, Greenwald, who has been married 11 years, outlines a 15-step hubby-hunting plan she calls "the Program." It includes classic marketing tactics from research (enlisting observers to tell you the brutal truth about your looks) to telemarketing (calling scores of acquaintances and asking them to fix you up). Followed faithfully, the Program should land a prince in 12 to 18 months. We caught up with Greenwald to chat about single CEOs, fix-ups, and desperation. --Ellen Florian

Q: How did you get from Harvard to husbands?

A: All around me I saw single friends who wanted to get married and dated occasionally, but after college their lives became more insular. To me that sounded like a marketing challenge.

Q: Your book really gets down to business: marketing, branding, investing 10% to 20% of your annual income in the search for a mate. Isn't there something to be said for leaving things to fate?

A: Before this program a woman may have two or three men cross her path in a month. If you're trying to find a husband out of two or three choices, that's bad. With this program, in a given month you might have 30 to 40 men cross your path. Finding true love among 200 choices is a lot easier than finding true love among three.

Q: Most of our readers are male and married. Any advice for them?

A: Everybody knows a single woman over 35. So for the married male, this is an opportunity to help the woman he knows. It could be a colleague, mother, or wife's best friend from college. He could think strategically about the ways he could help her meet people by telemarketing his friends. What if every reader of FORTUNE picked up the phone with the single woman over 35 whom he knows in mind and made ten phone calls to a colleague, an old college friend, or a neighbor and said, "I have this wonderful friend, mother, cousin. Do you know anyone to fix her up with?"

Q: What about the single businessman looking for a wife?

A: I've had hundreds of men ask me, "Are you going to write a book called How to Find a Wife After 35?" What's interesting is that the women don't think there are single men out there, and the men don't think there are single women out there. For the single man over 35, everything in this book is exactly the same as for a woman, but single men are in a little bit better position simply because there are 28 million single women over the age of 35 and only 18 million single men.

Q: What about the single man who wants to avoid some of these women on the program? It does seem a little bit desperate.

A: I never use the word "desperate." It is "proactive."

Q: Do you know of any corporate bigwigs looking for a mate?

A: Yes, I have a handful of them.

Q: Any names? Maybe they would get some dates if they're mentioned in FORTUNE.

A: I can't do it without their permission. But I could make some phone calls.