Face Off
By Julie Schlosser

(FORTUNE Magazine) – First there was Friendster, the instantly hot web destination for those in search of love, friendship, or job contacts. Several imitators followed, and late last month Google jumped in the game, quietly launching Orkut. Then the mystery began: Orkut temporarily disappeared about 48 hours after its launch (some suspect hacking; Google says it was to implement changes). And Google has tried to distance itself from the project, saying it has "no plans in the social-networking space at this time." Here's what we do know about Friendster and its puzzling new competitor. --Julie Schlosser

FRIENDSTER vs. ORKUT Origin The site is a place Named after its Turkish of name for people to meet founder; in Finnish others through friends. it's slang for "orgasm."

Founded In 2002 by Jonathan In 2004 by Orkut Abrams, a former Buyukkokten, a Google Netscape engineer engineer Number of users Five million Thousands

Mission Friendster wants to The community site allows be more than a friends to virtually dating site. come together.

Selling B-list celebs and You'll learn more than point hipster twentysomethings you ever wanted to can find love without about your friends. (Think looking desperate. turn-ons and body piercings.)