Face Off
By Kate Bonamici

(FORTUNE Magazine) – Dunkin' Donuts has mastered the art of drip coffee, but can it compete when it comes to espresso? The doughnut chain launched a line of lattes, espresso shots, and flavored "swirl" beverages recently, and each drink is about a third cheaper than Starbucks. But are they any good? We went to Queer Eye for the Straight Guy food and wine expert Ted Allen for a taste test. --Kate Bonamici


Espresso shot

[STARBUCKS] "Well, the aroma and the foam and the initial presentation were really fantastic, but there's almost an astringency to it."

[3 1/2 BEANS]

[DUNKIN' DONUTS] "It looks congealed and kind of gross, but the sweetness is right, and there's the right amount of chocolate in it."


Vanilla latte

[STARBUCKS] "Shouldn't there be foam on this? The sweetness is about right. It's like something you'd give a child."


[DUNKIN' DONUTS] "I'm a little afraid of this vanilla latte. It has a certain overpowering artificial smell, but it does have nice foam."




"It has the same perfect foam the Starbucks espresso had. This is a pretty good espresso."

[3 1/2 BEANS]

[DUNKIN' DONUTS] "This doesn't taste like coffee at all. It's gross. It tastes like Swiss Miss."

[2 1/2 BEANS]