Table of contents: VOL. 151, NO. 1 - January 10, 2005
Freewheeling bloggers can boost your product--or destroy it. Either way, they've become a force business can't afford to ignore. (more)

It's been a lousy few years for DaimlerChrysler's boss. But in a rare interview, he explains why he's still fit to run the world's seventh-largest company. (more)

All of a sudden, China's entrepreneurs are asking for protection from intellectual-property thieves. (more)
What else is popping in tech? Plenty. The siren call of the digital home has computer and entertainment giants jockeying to colonize your living room with slick new gadgets and services. That means a confusing 2005 for most of us, but a happy hunting ground for gizmo lovers. (more)
Now nearing clinical trials, intravenous RNAi could be the key to attacking cancer and more. (more)
To help keep U.S. soldiers out of harm's way, the Pentagon has put robot R&D on quick march. (more)
Screwups and pesky competitors are challenging computerdom's most potent alliance. (more)
When does a cellphone have too many whiz-bang features? We're about to find out. (more)
Post-9/11snooping technologies are evolving faster than laws to control their use. (more)
Even some environmentalists are learning to love America's most reviled source of energy. (more)
Never mind what you think you like; marketers are using brain scans to track your real desires. (more)
Forty years after sex discrimination became illegal, a huge gap in pay and promotions still yawns. Now angry women are suing their employers--and winning. How afraid should you be? (more)


Think it's just the drugmakers that are in pain? Wrong. The advertising, research, and regulatory worlds are spinning too. (more)

Engineers are racing to avert what could become a plague of short circuits in electrical and electronic devices. (more)
Brand spokesman, Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati (more)
As the fund-rating powerhouse moves slowly toward an IPO, it's struggling to overcome a balky business model and a pair of regulatory investigations. (more)

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