The World at Risk
MARCH 3, 2006 A look at hot spots, economic fault lines, and events that might have an impact on global risk.

(FORTUNE Magazine) - 1. PERU Conservative Lourdes Flores is poised to win an April 9 election as pro-nationalization candidate Ollanta Humala stagnates in the polls.

2. MAURITANIA The ruling military council that seized control last August seems intent on using the country's first petroleum revenues responsibly.

3. EGYPT Extensive spread of the H5N1 virus doesn't bode well for efforts to contain bird flu and increases the chance of human infection.

4. UKRAINE March 26 parliamentary elections are expected to result in a fractured legislature, complicating President Yushchenko's reform efforts.

5. THAILAND Despite vocal protests against the tax-free sale of his media company, Prime Minister Thaksin is expected to win a snap election April 2.

6. PHILIPPINES President Arroyo quashed a coup, but discontent will linger among those who believe she won fraudulently in 2004. Top of page