Kinks on the Links
Limber up with an on-course massage.
By Julia Boorstin, FORTUNE writer-reporter

(FORTUNE Magazine) - Getting a hand on the golf course has never been quite so easy. At CordeValle, a Rosewood Resort in San Martin, Calif., a masseuse will meet you at any hole for the new $45, 15-minute Pre-Shot Routine Massage. The resort dreamed up the idea after a desperate guest with a pinched nerve begged it to send out someone to save his round, but other clubs are offering similar rubdowns. The Inn at Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina provides masseuses (at $150 an hour) who give golf-tailored back, hand, and neck massages, while in Southern California, the La Quinta Resort and Club features something called Golflexology, which targets the hand and foot flex points ($135 for 50 minutes). Even the pros, apparently, can't resist a good massage. Pebble Beach Resort in California says that every year at the PGA tournament, the professionals clamor for their Fore the Golfer treatments, which focus on forearms, shoulders, and hips. Sounds as if the secret to a better swing really is all in the wrists. Top of page