Leading indicators
A compendium of revealing stats
By Telis Demos, Fortune reporter

(Fortune Magazine) -- Enforcement deficit

$905 million

President Bush's proposed 2007 budget for the SEC - below its 2005 peak but more than double the figure in 2000. Chairman Christopher Cox, however, recently told Congress he's not sure he can afford to prosecute all of his 100-plus potential options-timing cases.

Counting cows


Estimated number of beef cows set to be injected with RFID tags to help monitor U.S. meat for mad cow disease. The USDA hopes to track all 33.9 million U.S. beef cows by 2009, but many farmers oppose the government's intrusion.

Gender bender


Average wage a woman earns for every dollar a man does. The liberal Economic Policy Institute says the gap - the smallest on record - is shrinking mainly because, while all wages are falling in real terms, men's are falling faster due to lost manufacturing jobs.

Preparing for the big one


U.S. airports expanding to handle the Airbus A380, an 853-passenger jet too big for most runways or terminals, before its launch at the end of the year. The bill? About $51 million per airport.

One man's trash...


Megawatts that could be generated annually by 600 landfills the EPA says are big enough to turn their methane into energy--but haven't yet invested in the technology. They could power 900,000 homes a year.

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