Love the rug - is it a Jamie Dimon?
By Stephanie N. Mehta, Fortune senior writer

(Fortune Magazine) -- New York artist Rob Conger has come up with a new hook for the traditional CEO portrait: He's rendered nearly a dozen corporate executives in latch-hook rugs, a folksy craft more commonly associated with images of puppies and clowns.

The CEOs in shag, selected for their records of corporate charitable giving, include Target's (Charts) Robert Ulrich and Wal-Mart's (Charts) Sam Walton. Conger, who studied sculpture at Yale, says he tries to "personalize the menacing barriers between finance and crafts, business and homemaking," with his art.

His message seems to be resonating with the corporate crowd: Heather Darcy, curator at Mixed Greens, the New York City gallery that shows Conger's work, says several of the $4,000 24- by 32-inch portraits have sold so far. An admiring lawyer scooped up the eerily lifelike depiction of J.P. Morgan Chase's (Charts) Jamie Dimon for his office, while two French businessmen snagged a few other pieces, saying they captured the essence of the American executive.

But admirers aren't the only buyers: Darcy reports that former J.C. Penney CEO Allen Questrom bought his own rug.  Top of page