Road warrior

Jack Nicklaus, 66, CEO, Nicklaus Cos.

By Eugenia Levenson, Fortune reporter

(Fortune Magazine) -- SINCE RETIRING from competitive golf at the 2005 British Open, Jack Nicklaus has traded long-distance drives for longer-distance flights. The Golden Bear is CEO of his golf course design firm, Nicklaus Design, so he frequently jets between construction sites as far-flung as Moscow and New Zealand's Lake Taupo. He also spends time on the road as a spokesman for the Royal Bank of Scotland. (He's the bank's face in more ways than one: Last year RBS issued a commemorative five-pound note with his likeness, making him the only living nonroyal to appear on a Scottish bill.) Here the moneyman shares his secrets for bogie-free travel.

" DAYS ON THE ROAD Over 200.

" TRAVEL ESSENTIAL Without my Gulfstream V, I couldn't do a third of what I do. I've had a private airplane since 1964, when I flew on a twin-engine Aero Commander 680 FL.

" JET-LAG STRATEGY I try to drink as much water as I can. I also try to get my body accustomed to the time zone I'm traveling to by eating meals on that schedule.

" FAVORITE LAYOVER I usually stop by Iceland once a summer for some salmon fishing. I've fished the river Sela for two of the last three years.

MUST-SEE DESTINATION I like South Africa. We have a place that's across from Kruger National Park.

" LUXURY OR ECONOMY I couldn't care less. Get me a bed and a television I can watch before I go to sleep, and get me close to the worksite.

" FAVORITE HOLE My favorite shot in the game is the second shot at the eighth hole at Pebble Beach. It plays off a top of a cliff over a bay into a green that sits on a point it's very, very pretty and a famous shot.

" ALWAYS WITH ME A money clip I've carried since 1963. We used to have driving contests at the PGA tournaments, and I hit a driver 341 yards, 17 inches. That was the winning drive, and they gave me a money clip.

" ON HIS RECORD I prefer that if someone's going to break my record [18 professional major victories] that it be broken in my lifetime. And Tiger Woods is certainly a very talented young man.  Top of page