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Table of Contents:VOL. 155, NO. 7 - April 16, 2007
Bloomberg's money machine There's power in that name. The man, Michael Bloomberg, runs New York City and may have even grander ambitions. The company, Bloomberg LP, is a prodigious success and just keeps getting stronger. (more)
• Inside the B-hive

The great corn gold rush Farmers have ethanol to thank for the soaring price of America's most important crop. But are they now sitting on a "dot-corn" bubble? (more)
Griffin, 38, is one of the world's most powerful investors. But he wants to be much more than just a billionaire wunderkind with a head for numbers.  (more)
It can be a quick and bumpy ride from fame to obscurity in business. Fortune tracks down a few of the biggest heroes and rogues of the recent past to see what they're up to and what they've learned. (more)
Welcome to Club Hedge Now that Fortress has opened up to the public, what fund will be the next to try its hand at an IPO? (more)
What would you do if $581 million of your family's fortune had been vaporized in just 5 1?2 years? Members of the auto dynasty are looking for options. (more)
Kerry Killinger, CEO, Washington Mutual: People are his bottom line. (more)
A three-year-old divestment campaign aimed at state sponsors of terrorism - primarily Iran - has failed to gain traction. (more)
A reality star takes on a dowdy brand: Tim Gunn, 53, chief creative officer, Liz Claiborne. (more)
What do Hatebreed, Lamb of God and Lordi have in common? These three guitar-wielding bands are the only headliners so far to have signed on to Ozzfest's new business model: Tickets are free and bands play for nothing. By Mark Borden (more)
The Cuban game An agent's trial spotlights an intriguing question: What will the end of Castro's regime mean for Major League Baseball? (more)
Why Silicon Valley's premier VCs have that old-time eco-religion. (more)
Lucian Bebchuk: the corporate gadfly in the ivory tower. (more)
A bittersweet oral history of African- American major leaguers leads a lineup of winning baseball books. (more)
These dividend payers promise steady income and are strong growth prospects. (more)
Inside the most lavish private jet ever built, top convertibles to drive this summer, Greg Norman's golf tips ... and much more. • Pimp my jet: a private A380 • It's in the bag: Start your weekend in style (more)
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