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Table of Contents:VOL. 155, NO. 8 - April 30, 2007
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The Fortune 500
A profit gusher of epic proportions America's largest corporations generated record earnings in 2006. How much longer can it last? (more)
Why do some companies grow stronger with size, while others stagger under their own weight? Explore with us the science of scale. (more)
The big oil company doesn't care about alternative fuels or pleasing the greens. Is its CEO nuts - or shrewd?  (more)
American brandscape
Remarkable galleries of products from Fortune 500 companies PepsiCo, Deere, and Fortune Brands.
How the Fisher family made Gap a top American retailer - then pulled the strings as it unraveled. (more)
After years in the doldrums as part of a tobacco company, food giant Kraft is finally back out on its own. Can new CEO Irene Rosenfeld spice it up?  (more)
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Say goodbye to BellSouth, Guidant, and Kerr-McGee - all swallowed up last year in the biggest buyout frenzy since 2000. A Fortune information graphic. (more)
It's been a rough year in Round Rock, Texas. Inside Michael Dell's campaign to fix the company he founded. (more)
Speaking with Alex Taylor III , Lee Iacocca talks about Kirk Kerkorian, the bidding for Chrysler, and the future of Detroit. (more)
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US Airways Doug Parker turned a dog into a moneymaker. But his ambitions have run into harsh realities.  (more)
A gallery of great pictures from 77 years of excellence in photojournalism. (more)
Bill McGuire built a great company before being bounced for options backdating. Now it's time to set a new tone.  (more)
The strange existence of Ram Charan, the most influential consultant on the planet.  (more)
The trouble with MBAs The attributes employers value most - interpersonal skills - are the ones recent B-school graduates lack.  (more)
Why the retail giant pinned a scarlet "W" on fired exec Julie Roehm. (more)
Lender ResCap could weigh down GMAC for the rest of the year. (more)
Questions for... Best Buy CEO answers your questions about the DVD wars, how the retail juggernaut plans to expand in China, and more.  (more)
The wrath of Ballzilla: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer can't stop bashing Google. (more)
Why big companies are in the business of solving the world's woes. (more)
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