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Table of Contents:VOL. 155, NO. 11 - June 11, 2007
The hottest investor in America Fortune's Shawn Tully peers deep inside the brain of Carl Icahn, who now portrays himself as a billionaire Robin Hood, hounding CEOs and enriching shareholders to the tune of $50 billion. (more)
A pretext for revenge Intrigue, duplicity, and vindictive rage at one of the world's most respected companies - inside Hewlett-Packard's bizarre new legal battle. (more)
The former HP chairman speaks out on privacy, fellow board members, and resilience. (more)
How Nintendo's new game machine won over the world - and beat the pants off Sony and Microsoft.  (more)
Facebook's boy-wonder CEO wants to take social networking out of the dorm and make it a platform for new businesses. (more)
After years of losing to Airbus, Boeing is flying high. CFO James Bell tells Fortune's Geoff Colvin how the company did it. (more)
Booted out of a lucrative career, Peter Rost has become the drug industry's most annoying - and effective - online scourge. (more)
Ilan Reich thought he'd hit bottom when he went to jail for insider trading. Then came a plane crash, a brain tumor, and paralysis. Inside his 20-year battle "to get back what I had." (more)
The Buffett mystery Did you hear the one about Warren Buffett, Jimmy Buffett, Google's Sergey Brin, and his wife's startup? (more)
A year ago Cerberus was largely unknown beyond Wall Street. Now it's buying Chrysler and aspires to be the next GE. (more)
Lazard biotech analyst Joel Sendek's voicemail ditties have drawn a cult following. (more)
Ideas made here The designers at Nottingham-Spirk take their inventions from scratch pad to store shelves. You probably own a few.  (more)
An explosion of natural gas drilling has given Wyoming a huge financial boost - and new problems. (more)
At Consumer Reports' auto center, engineers don't pull any punches. Carmakers may not like it, but they listen. (more)
Technology Why Apple TV is a dud - and why that speaks volumes.  (more)
A business legend's modest proposals to fix health care. (more)
Three foodie diaries are enough to satiate even the pickiest readers. (more)
The art of auctions From Aston Martins to Montrachets, buying at auction has never been more appealing. Here's your handbook for the best of what's on the block - including a Q&A with the king of vintage-car collectors and a look at five watches likely to gain value. (more)
VMware is the most intriguing Silicon Valley IPO since Google. Should you get in on it?  (more)
Market beater from Atlanta Jay Bowen has built a stunning record by identifying long-term global trends. (more)
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