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Table of Contents:VOL. 156, NO. 1 - July 09, 2007
Who business is betting on In a wide-open contest, candidates are scrambling for CEO endorsements. Our exclusive survey goes behind the scenes from Wall Street to Silicon Valley to find surprising alliances and how they were forged. (more)
Mitt Romney is rich, handsome, and the first honest-to-God businessman to have a real shot at the White House in 40 years. (more)
The new Harvey Weinstein Since Harvey and his brother, Bob, launched the Weinstein Co. 20 months ago, he has focused on deals, not movies. Now investors want change. (more)
An innovation revival has lifted profits at Xerox to $1.2 billion. Fortune's Geof Colvin asks CTO Sophie Vandebroek: Can the company keep it up? (more)
American farmers did not want to grow genetically engineered rice. But the tainted grain is turning up all over the U.S. and Europe. (more)
Chasing the Cubs John Canning Jr., a Chicago-based buyout artist, may be commissioner Bud Selig's choice to become the Cubs' next owner. (more)
Scrap prices are motivating thieves, and nothing is safe: manhole covers, beer kegs - even urns. (more)
When Dr. Tom Doerr started his own medical software company, he learned that it helps having a venture capitalist in the family.  (more)
Fortune's Barney Gimbel interviews Marc Graboff, Co-Chairman of NBC Entertainment.  (more)
Kevin Wall taps Al Gore and other rock stars to fight global warming. (more)
Advice for the new chief: Roll up your sleeves and plant some seeds. What hungry Africa needs is action, not ideology, says Fortune's guest columnist Jeffrey Sachs. (more)
A sunny second half Investors got skittish as bond yields rose in June. But top strategists say interest rates won't batter stocks now, and there are still opportunities to be had in 2007. (more)
Macau now As a new wave of over-the-top resorts hits the gambling kingdom, Fortune senior writer Clay Chandler explores the Vegas of Asia.  (more)
Maserati's Quattroporte Automatic: an iconic four-door sedan with sex appeal. (more)
I don't want to change the way I live. Still, things are getting kind of scary. San Francisco is too cold. New York is too hot. Something's got to give.  (more)
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