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Table of Contents:VOL. 156, NO. 2 - July 23, 2007
How Microsoft conquered China Or is it the other way around? Fortune's David Kirkpatrick goes on the road to Beijing with Bill Gates, who threw his business model out the window. (more)
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The greatest economic boom ever Okay, it may not feel like a day at the beach to most Americans. But for your average globetrotting Fortune 500 CEO, right now is about as good as it gets. (more)
Rising oil prices and a global glut of mergers and acquisitions helped old-economy companies stay at the top of the list with another year of record profits. (more)
See which Global 500 companies posted the highest profits, the fastest increases in revenues, the biggest losses, and more. (more)
The next wave: Yelp Yelp is a hot web startup with two ambitions: to have fun and to seize as much of the $100 billion local ad market as possible. (more)
There's the organization chart - and then there's the way things really work. (more)
Tiny Porsche is shaking things up at Volkswagen. (more)
Ex-CIA intelligence chief Jami Miscik was wrong about WMD in Iraq. But in her new career, Lehman depends on her to say where it's safe to invest. A tale of intrigue and redemption.  (more)
Subprime contagion? Investigating the credit-rating agencies' role in marketing dicey bonds. (more)
A look at who ends up paying the bill when products are defective. (more)
With its purchase of National and Alamo, the car-rental giant will move into Hertz's turf - airports. (more)
Who gets the dogs out?
The team that puts franks in the hands of fans at Shea Stadium. By Rupali Arora
Toll Brothers CEO Bob Toll offers his take on the direction of the housing market, buyer incentives and private equity buyouts.  (more)
Vintage Ceylon Sri Lankan tea producer Dilmah, taking a leaf from the wine industry, markets its beverage as high-end and chic. (more)
Questions for ... John Mackey The Whole Foods CEO tackles queries from our readers. (more)
Corporate America has to make IT jobs sexy again.  (more)
How I succumbed to chronic subscription fatigue syndrome. (more)
Don't follow the kings
Don't follow the kings
Investing royalty like Buffett and Yale's Swenson can do things ordinary folks can't. And the lords of private equity face new hurdles. By Bill Gross
Young funds to watch
We sort through hundreds of new entrants to find three portfolios with solid roots and the potential to grow into great long-term performers. By Yuval Rosenberg
Om work With hellish hours and info overload the norm, the C-Suite set is turning to extreme meditation to cope. (more)
At 84, auto legend Carroll Shelby delivers a road-ripping muscle car for Ford. (more)
A hedgie comes clean on how he and his ilk helped create the conditions for another crash. (more)
Don't let sentiment (or fear) get in the way of firing the guy who's gumming up the works. (more)
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