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Table of Contents:VOL. 156, NO. 9 - October 29, 2007
Rupert's bigtime TV gamble Fresh from acquiring the Wall Street Journal, Murdoch sees Fox Business News as the first step in his plan to dominate global financial journalism. (more)
House of junk A close-up of one deal shows how subprime mortgages went bad. (more)
He's known for quick fixes, but Carlos Ghosn is staking the future on wild designs and hot technology. (more)
College sports are a bigger business than they've ever been. Here's how the Florida program became this industry's most admired corporation. (more)
FPL Energy has integrated the team that will operate its giant wind farm in Texas with the one that is building it. (more)
India at work The men and women in this Fortune portfolio paint a portrait of a society on the move. Photographs by Benjamin Lowy (more)
Once sheltered from overseas competition, Indian companies are now building global empires. (more)
Indian returnees and California-style perks - free food, stock options - are incubating innovation. (more)
Hollywood on strike? Talent and executives are fighting over residuals. But a rift inside the main actors union is the real issue. (more)
Their dollar at par, Canadians are spending big in the U.S. (more)
Maybe it's time to retire the white earbuds and squeeze some big sound out of that little box. By Oliver Ryan (more)
A faceoff between Alaska's governor and giant oil companies could scuttle plans to build a $25 billion natural gas pipeline.  (more)
St. Petersburg grooms managers for corporate careers, while Moscow stresses entrepreneurship. Both hope to court American students. (more)
Value Driven The buying binge is over. (more)
The former HP chief responds to readers' queries.  (more)
Why Google is spooked by Facebook and would love to squash it.  (more)
The price of everything, even a spouse, seems up in the air. (more)
Inside the famous aviator's provocative scientific quest. (more)
The patient had a case of Acute Systemic Brand Amnesia, meaning that, in some contemporary sense, he did not exist.  (more)
Fall travel
Fall travel
From private-estate escapes to luxury Lamborghini rentals and the best in-flight meals, your guide to getting away starts here.
Bargain hunting with Marty Whitman The dean of deep-value investors help us find three stocks - including two real estate plays - that are 'safe and cheap.' (more)
Lately everything has gone wrong for the PC powerhouse. So just a little good news could juice the shares. (more)
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