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Table of Contents:VOL. 156, NO. 10 - November 12, 2007
Confessions of a CEO Being 'ruthlessly aggressive' took Dominic Orr to the top of the corporate world. And it nearly ruined his life. (more)
Real estate: Buy, sell, or hold? That's what homeowners are asking in the midst of the worst slump in decades. Some clues to what your house will be worth in the next few years.  (more)
Cisco fell hard, went through a wrenching period of reinvention, and is now stronger than ever. How did Cisco do it? An exclusive look inside the creation of an innovation machine.  (more)
In a dusty corner of northwestern Colorado, an energy of the future is beginning to look like the real thing. Is this oil shale's moment? (more)
When Big Brown found that its twentysomething drivers were flunking out in droves, it had a serious problem: how to train Generation Y for a hard blue-collar job. The company created a whole new approach - and it didn't involve making up videogames. (more)
How Arianna Huffington spun her web of bloggers into a site with outsized influence. Is this the future of the media business? (more)
The bomb in your wallet U.S. consumers have a record $915 billion in credit card debt. Banks are starting to sweat an uptick in default rates. Some say this could be the next subprime. (more)
In the consumer-technology blogosphere, the battle between Engadget and Gizmodo has become an all-out smackdown. (more)
Do shareholder class actions hurt investors? In suits against third parties, some experts think so - and the SEC is reexamining the question. (more)
The annual Breakaway Brands survey has these two lumbering giants in the top ten in its ranking of brand momentum. (more)
Tim Brown, CEO of design firm IDEO, talks about his iPod addiction, the dangers of e-mail, and why he loves jumping across time zones. (more)
Classic rock Boston-based Hearts on Fire pursues a jeweler's dream: creating a branded diamond.  (more)
Citigroup: 'Gimme shelter' Why on earth, Fortune's Allan Sloan asks, should we protect banks from their mistakes? (more)
The new math of oil: High energy prices are always bad, right? Not necessarily ... (more)
OMG!!! This could be the end of online stupidity: A software team is building a filter that blocks unintelligible comments.  (more)
The potency of persuasion. The final column in a three-part series on the nature of power. (more)
Sallie Mae: Who will get schooled? Lessons from what was to be the biggest financial services LBO. (more)
Turns out that the Integrity Institute's Lynn Brewer, who's been lionized for years as Enron's whistleblower, may not be the heroine that she purports to be.  (more)
Location, location, location Why companies that help you find your way - and help marketers find you - are hot. (more)
Funds that adjust your asset allocation as you get older are finally catching on. (more)
Merck's recovery from Vioxx is proceeding as planned. (more)
We like to think we're purely rational when it comes to making investment decisions. But we often end up paying to express our beliefs, to acquire status, or to seem smarter than our peers. (more)
The man in the no-iron suit With wrinkle-free fabric now a matter of course in the men's department, can Fortune's bespoke curmudgeon find sartorial happiness in Space Age style? (more)
Jean-Luc Naret, director of the Michelin Guide, gives us a review of his life on the road. (more)
The author was devoted to her Bentley. Till she met its slimmer, sleeker new cousin. (more)
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