December 11 2007: 1:41 PM EST

Dial 's' for secure

A military-grade mobile phone and PDA gets the nod from the government's most secretive agency.

By Michal Lev-Ram, reporter

Only agents and military personnel get to carry these spy phones.

(Fortune Magazine) -- This is the smartphone the well-dressed soldier, spy, and homeland-security agent will be wearing on his or her utility belt starting next year. Built by General Dynamics (Charts, Fortune 500) to specs set by the hyperparanoid National Security Agency, the Sectera Edge is designed to give field agents a gateway to the classified world - plus everything they've come to expect on a PDA, including MP3 music files.

RUGGED: Made for harsh tactical environments, it can withstand drops, shocks, dust, moisture, vibrations, and rapid temperature changes. It can practically take a bullet.

SECURE: Meets NSA requirements for top-secret voice and text messaging and can switch with the press of a key from the public Internet to the government's secure intranet for access to classified databases.

EXPENSIVE: At $3,350 each, this smartphone makes the iPhone look like a bargain. General Dynamics expects to ship $300 million worth over the next five years.  To top of page