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Table of Contents:VOL. 157, NO. 1 - January 21, 2008
Cover Story
Melinda Gates goes public Melinda Gates talks about living with Bill, working with Warren Buffett, and giving away their billions. more
The face of philanthropy The world of giving is filled with well-meaning and talented individuals from every background, but these dozen people have the power, drive, and business acumen to really make a difference. A Fortune portfolio more
Is GM's turnaround for real? Rick Wagoner's overhaul of GM is producing cooler cars and a gleam of hope. more
Ridiculed as an ice cream salesman when he took the reins of the Gucci Group in 2004, Robert Polet is proving that a fat bottom line is the ultimate fashion statement. more
After a half-century of dominance, the U.S. is losing its edge in agriculture to a booming Latin American powerhouse. Its secret weapon? Soybeans. more
The Deal The Fed's clout isn't what it used to be. Does it matter? more
Sub prime
The next generation of submarines for fast-growing underseas navies. By Telis Demos 
We didn't know Jack
A new biography of Jack Welch reminds us of the terrifying office politics at GE in the '80s and '90s. By Jia Lynn Yang 
Opera's season pr(emir)
Qatar's sheikh mixes business with pleasure at Milan's La Scala opera house. By Telis Demos 
With foreclosures soaring, the insurance industry is bracing for an increase in arson by homeowners looking for a way out. more
Battle for the Wi-Fi skies
Turning the airplane into a wireless hot spot. By Jessi Hempel 
Lately it seems the mark of celebrity is having your very own vodka. An expert samples five of them. By Devin Leonard more
AmEx gets CEO pay right.  more
M&A war chests
Ten companies that are sitting on major cash and may be on the move in 2008. By Katie Benner 
Six leaps of innovation From zippy electric motorcycles to new heights in web politicking. By Michael V. Copeland. more
U.S. productivity, meet your new worst enemy. more
Need to Know
Cool stuff on our radar screen. By Jia Lynn Yang 
Companies that help customers save money are likely to thrive in a difficult climate.  more
Two fund managers with opposing views weigh in on what's in store for Citigroup and its stock. By David H. Ellis 
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