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Table of Contents:VOL. 157, NO. 4 - March 03, 2008
Cover Story
The Pepsi challenge An exclusive inside look at how Indra Nooyi has transformed an American business icon. more
Made to measure CEO David Calhoun has a simple plan for Nielsen: Make gobs of money and reshape the future of marketing and media. more
Harry Macklowe's love of big buildings and bigger mortgages may finally tear his empire apart. more
A huge Middle Eastern developer wants to transform the planet. more
Surprising confessions of a turnaround guy Steve Miller's autobiography is a must-read if you want to understand business - and businesspeople. more
The latest technology enables novel analysis of whether stocks are attractively priced now. (Hint: They might be.) more
Golden West's loans, option ARMs clustered in the frothy California real estate market, may take a hit from the housing downturn. more
Oscar gems
Elite jewelers put sparkle in the Academy Awards. By Telis Demos 
Nyet in my backyard
Tension grows over Gazprom's St. Pete tower. By Eugenia Levenson 
Economic conservatives take heart: Phil Gramm is influencing the candidate's platform. more
Two teams, one goal: GM wants to create the car of the future - by 2010. By Cait Murphy 
The only nonprofit that matters Add one part tech, one part business smarts, hold the do-gooderism. What do you get? A whole new approach to charity. more
Techland Marc Andreessen's newspaper deathwatch. more
Shoppers' stocks are often first to fall on recession fears - and first to rebound. more
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As the virtual currency goes mainstream, many of the reasons why investors embrace bitcoin could go away |more|