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Table of Contents:VOL. 157, NO. 5 - March 17, 2008
What makes Apple golden Fortune takes a close look at No. 1 Apple's magic. Plus: an exclusive interview with Steve Jobs. more
Great ideas keep the companies in our 26th annual ranking strong in good times and bad.  more
The top companies in 64 industries, judged by their peers.  more
The same traits that make him a great CEO drive him to put his company, and his investors, at risk. more
The automaker's habit of poking into odd technical corners sets it apart - and gives it a big edge. more
All have impressive records of innovation, leadership, and financial strength - and their employees know it.  more
P&G, stumbling in 2000, is now on a roll. How did it regain its footing? more
Lloyd Blankfein has to outsmart treacherous markets while balancing the firm's interests with those of its clients. more
How his proposal can make health care affordable - and control costs. more
The world's tallest building
Minoru Mori reaches for the sky with a 101- story Shanghai tower. by Clay Chandler  
Scottish power Scotland wants to become a global force in marine energy - a market that could be worth billions. more
Traffic report
Cities across the globe are considering congestion pricing to reduce traffic jams. by Ryan Derousseau  
ING dodges the subprime crisis
Only 15 foreclosures for the bank since 2000. by Jon Birger  
Stock returns may never be the same - at least for this generation of investors. more
Why airline mergers don't fly
Delta's bid for Northwest creates a dangerous precedent. by Barney Gimbel  
Medicare is poised to wreak havoc on the economy. And our presidential candidates are avoiding the issue. more
A new way to watch TV How two old-media dinosaurs - Fox and NBC Universal - created a cool venue for their hottest shows. The inside story of  more
Field Test
Three lightweight laptops for doing business in business class. by Michael V. Copeland  
Bill Miller fights back The famed investor's flagship fund has a twoyear losing streak vs. the S&P 500. He explains his strategy to win again. more
Right on your money These days you might just be able to afford that condo by the sea. more
Life at the Top
Joy Ride Road-testing the radical new Jag XF with racing legend Dan Gurney. more
Silicon Valley's cult ride
The latest status symbol of the technorati is a seriously old-school cycle. You can get on Brent Steelman's waiting list - if you ace your interview. by Jessi Hempel  
How designer Todd Oldham travels in style. more
Chimp change
A fascinating book about the life of Nim, the chimpanzee raised as a human on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. BY Daniel Okrent  
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