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Table of Contents:VOL. 157, NO. 12 - June 09, 2008
America's hottest investor Never mind the rocky market. After a string of supersmart calls, mutual fund manager Ken Heebner is putting up the best numbers of his sterling career. more
Ex-CEOs from JetBlue, Starbucks, and Motorola discuss what they learned when they lost their jobs. more
KB Home's new, more modest model for home construction provides a glimpse of what the return of the housing market may look like.  more
As famous CEOs marched off to jail, so did lots of guys like Craig Gile. The Citigroup trader had a wonderful life - until the Feds decided to make an example of him. Was it fair?  more
Legal professor William Simon aims to shame colleagues who sell their opinions for the right price. more
Meet the people who run the store that your kids never leave. more
Wal-Mart puts the squeeze on food costs The retailer is using its clout with vendors to hold onto its everyday low prices. more
Buffett will focus his philanthropic might on the plight of young women in developing countries. more
Going, going ...
It's the end of the road for classic mechanical gas pumps, which can't show prices above $3.99 or totals above $99.99. By Ryan Derousseau  
Fine art froth
New York's spring auctions defy the recession. By Eugenia Levenson  
It could still be the biggest deal
Our May 26 issue had Providence Equity's buyout of BCE as the largest ever. But it hasn't happened yet.  
Hollywood reality check
An office-building expert picks out the flaws in big-screen heists. By Telis Demos  
A new way to sell lobster
Buy the rights to a trap - and all the lobsters it pulls in during a season. By Scott Cendrowski  
The next President will have a fighting chance to defeat the lobbyists and reform a broken system. more
A solution to the energy crisis has been under our nose for decades. more
The success of the Ugg boot is helping Deckers maintain growth.  more
Iomega was one of the icons of the tech boom, with dazzling devices and fanatic fans. Now it's being bought by EMC. more
The world is running short on energy, food, and water. The answer: a massive dose of technology. more
Mark Hurd, superstar Why the EDS deal may prove to be a smart move - and how it fits into HP's larger plans. more
The man who would run Yahoo Microsoft's Kevin Johnson talks about innovation, disruption, and what he's going to do about Google. more
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