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Table of Contents:VOL. 157, NO. 13 - June 23, 2008
The Fortune 40
The Fortune 40
Our trademark long-term portfolio of the best stocks to retire on, based on the strategies of five investing legends. By Paul R. La Monica and Katie Benner 
The ultimate mutual fund portfolio
If you crave diversification, stability and results - but you'd rather leave the hard work to a seasoned pro - this collection is for you. By Eugenia Levenson 
Buffett's big bet
The celebrated investor wagers a tidy sum that even carefully chosen hedge funds won't return more than the market over time.  
Value Driven
The hardest question in retirement planning is, How long will you live? 
Real estate bargains
The housing downturn's upside? You don't have to go overseas anymore for your dream retirement home. We found the six best markets for deals. By Chris Taylor 
Encore! Encore!
They've given up the daily grind, but that doesn't mean they've retired. Meet seven boomers who have staged enviable second acts - on their own terms. By Anne Fisher 
Right on your money
Turning savings into income: New funds from Fidelity and Vanguard offer retirees a way to tap their nest egg for monthly expenses. 
Hot commodities
Is it too late to invest in resources? Short answer: Nope. And it's easier than ever to get into the game.  
A clan, a man, a money plan
The Pierponts sought a financial advisor they could grow with. After their first forays fell flat, they found someone they could trust like a member of the family. 
The Three-Minute Manager
John Bogle, Don Duffy and Bill George tackle the question, "In jittery markets, how can I reassure my investors?" By Jia Lynn Yang 
The best checkup you'll ever get
It's the state of the art on the state of your health. Our writer goes to Johns Hopkins for the full treatment - and to see what surprises lie in store. By Lawrence A. Armour 
How this doctor could save your Mojo
Dr. Patrick Walsh found a way to remove a cancerous prostate without leaving you impotent. That's why he's one of America's most popular surgeons. Interview by Lawrence A. Armour 
Technology has learned a lot in its ten years: How to survive a dot-com bubble. How to thrive in a recession. And lately, how to turn itself into a surprisingly good economic indicator.  
How to retire with no money
Thought you were ready for a nice, plush post-work existence? The economy says, Think again! The good news? You can still retire in some sort of style. By Stanley Bing 
The C-Suite Interview: Deere
The world can feed itself, says Deere CEO Robert W. Lane, through trade and technology.  
The man who beat the SEC
Phil Goldstein quit being an engineer for the City of New York and taught himself the art of closed-end funding investing. Since then he has made a small fortune and battled the SEC, but now the state of Massachusetts wants to quiet him down.  
While You Were Out
Thousand-dollar-a-barrel crude. By Stanley Bing 
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