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Table of Contents:VOL. 158, NO. 1 - July 07, 2008
How they'll fix the economy
How they'll fix the economy
Fortune sits down with Barack Obama and John McCain to see how their answers compare on a few essential questions. 
The evolution of John McCain
From maverick Senator to presidential contender: how the candidate is shaping his plan to fix the economy. By David Whitford 
What Obama means for business
He slammed big companies and free trade in the primaries, but insists that he just wants to show corporate America some tough love. By Nina Easton 
McCain and Obama's green dream
Which of the candidates' energy plans will play in Peoria? By Brian Dumaine 
The new king of brand names
The new king of brand names
The CEO of Jarden Corp. is busy reviving old brands. But Wall Street has its doubts. A Fortune 500 Series feature. By Telis Demos 
Inside job
Two Dow Chemical officials plotted an LBO of their company - and forgot to tell the CEO or the board. By Roger Parloff 
Gates after Microsoft
Ah, retirement. Time to kick back and rethink philanthropy, learn biochemistry, eradicate malaria...By Brent Schlender 
Microsoft after Gates
Steve Ballmer's big issues now are growth, Google, and those pesky Apple ads. By David Kirkpatrick 
The British (retail) invasion
Sir Philip Green, the billionaire behind British brand Topshop, has set his sights on the U.S. By Jennifer Reingold 
The Deal
The Deal
Lessons from the House of Lehman: What can we glean from Wall Street's current soap opera? By Allan Sloan 
Booming businesses
Technicians at Pyro Spectaculars by Souza, the firm that produces the Macy's 4th of July Fireworks, rehearse the show in an empty stretch of the Mojave Desert. By Ryan Derousseau 
The onion conundrum
The root veggie has no futures market - yet it is still highly volatile. By Jon Birger 
Who's watching the watchdogs?
A new study questions the reliability of corporate governance ratings. By James Bandler and Doris Burke 
The great airport security race
Fortune sends two reporters to find out whether there's a better way to fly. By Barney Gimbel and Jia Lynn Yang 
Europe gets tough on insider trading
An Airbus exec who sold ahead of bad news about the A380 may become the test case. By Peter Gumbel 
Value Driven
Believe it or not, we have a pattern of defeating economic downturns. Here's one way out this time. By Geoff Colvin 
The Three-Minute Manager
My latest product launch was a failure. How do I move on? By Jia Lynn Yang 
How do you charge consumers for something they are accustomed to getting free? When the airlines slapped a $15 fee on checked bags, they stepped into a public relations headache. By Suzanne Kapner 
The modern office
At Lamborghini and Jimmy Choo, workplace design isn't an afterthought: It's central to the brand. Plus, eight key pieces that will elevate your own space. By Sue Zesiger Callaway 
Joy Ride
The top luxury cars of 2008: ten models that stand apart from the pack. By Sue Zesiger Callaway 
Book review
Three new books tackle the topic of wine, yielding undertones of realism, hints of Parker bashing, and a pretension-puncturing finish. By Daniel Okrent 
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