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Table of Contents:VOL. 158, NO. 2 - July 21, 2008
Brainstorm: Tech
Drive this!
Drive this!
Building the world's first electric supercar was never going to be easy - even without the hubris, infighting, and mismanagement that nearly sent Tesla spinning off the road. By Michael V. Copeland 
Kleiner bets the farm
The legendary venture firm is going green - and leaving Internet deals to the competition. By Adam Lashinsky 
Air traffic cop
How a startup near Seattle may make flying more pleasant for airlines and passengers. By Michael V. Copeland 
The solar rush
In the Southwest, demand for sites for solar power projects is sparking a land grab. By Todd Woody 
Head counter
John Koza has an ingenious plan to put the Electoral College out of business. By Andrew Ferguson 
The coach of Silicon Valley
How Bill Campbell quietly shapes the character of America's top CEOs. By Jennifer Reingold 
The man who lost $6 billion
The man who lost $6 billion
Brian Hunter brought down Amaranth with disastrous trades on gas. But is he really such a bad guy? By Bethany McClean 
The Fortune Global 500
The new new world order
The new new world order
Emerging economies are booming, while the developed world slows. By Barney Gimbel 
Power shift
A major shakeup in the world markets is evident in this year's rankings. By Jenny Mero 
Fish tale
In the world of aquariums, the biggest fish these days are in downtown Atlanta and Chicago. By Ryan Derousseau 
The ex-Wal-Mart exec's fresh start
Fired by the retail giant amid allegations of an affair with a subordinate, Julie Roehm has opened a marketing consulting shop and a tech startup. By Jia Lynn Yang 
Where's Alwaleed?
Postcards from the Saudi prince's 2008 world tour: He's looking for that next great investment idea. By Barney Gimbel 
A rat pack for the credit crisis
Prophets of doom Sylvain Raines, Josh Rosner, and Christopher Whalen are packing them in. By Katie Benner 
Deals on the rocks
Under the stresses of a weakening economy, even friendly mergers can turn sour. By Katie Benner 
Game changers
Legendary basketball coach John Wooden and Starbucks' Howard Schultz talk about a common interest: leadership. A Fortune Q&A. 
The Three-Minute Manager
My employees are burned out. How can I create a better environment? By Jia Lynn Yang 
When Nelson Peltz wrests control of companies like Tiffany and Heinz, he changes the sales pitch as well as the sales. By Suzanne Kapner 
Our roundtable looks ahead
Four market pros discuss winning strategies for an uncertain environment. By Eugenia Levenson 
Monster growth
Energy-drink maker Hansen Natural has posted strong results for years. But the pace may finally be slowing, and the stock is slumping. By Katie Benner 
Junk bond bargains
Turmoil in the credit markets has created opportunities for careful high-yield investors. By Katie Benner 
Information worth billions
Information worth billions
Fortune's Geoff Colvin talks with one of the world's most influential CIOs, GE's Gary Reiner, who tells how he makes infotech pay in a big way. 
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