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Table of Contents:VOL. 158, NO. 3 - August 18, 2008
Cover Story
Listen up!
Listen up!
Star bank analyst Meredith Whitney called the credit meltdown a year ago. Her forecast now: more pain on the way. By Jon Birger 
The rise and fall of Jimmy Cayne
The rise and fall of Jimmy Cayne
In 1993 he became the CEO of Bear Stearns. Last summer he was worth $1.6 billion on paper. This winter Bear Stearns collapsed. Here, for the first time, he breaks his silence about how things went wrong. By William D. Cohan 
The bank built on a bubble
Upstart lenders like Arizona's Towne Bank took off like rockets, but many are now in a bind. Fortune visits the aftermath of the Sunbelt housing bust. By David Whitford 
99 bottles of beer on the wall
Fortune's home-brewed guide to American beer lineage, based on an unscientific (but highly opinionated) survey of Fortune staffers - and with help from industry experts. By Beth Kowitt 
Can Chrysler survive?
The frailest of Detroit's automakers has been in private hands for a year. CEO Bob Nardelli badly needs a hit if the company is to endure. By Alex Taylor III 
Suburbia comes to China
Millions of newly affluent Chinese are moving to vast "satellite cities" rising on the fringes of the country's megalopolises. This is the story of one family's new hometown and how the exodus is reshaping China - and rocking the global economy. 
The Deal
The Deal
When it comes to tax loopholes, there are few better than Sam Zell. Will he strike again with the Cubs deal? By Allan Sloan 
California Drillin'
Reversing the ban on offshore drilling could dramatically increase the number of new wells. By Scott Cendrowski 
Pac-Man goes to Hollywood
Marvel's ex-chief plans a movie version of the '80s arcade hit. By Richard Siklos 
From WMD to energy
Iraqi yellowcake may soon power your home. By Erik Heinrich 
Saudi Arabia turns to gold...
And copper and bauxite and phosphate. By Barney Gimbel 
Wal-Mart enters the ad age. By Suzanne Kapner 
Value Driven
Is it possible that Europeans, famed for their endless vacations, work as much as we do? By Geoff Colvin 
Question Authority
Former AmEx CEO Jim Robinson is guiding tech startups through the credit crunch. By Katie Benner 
The long and short of it
How Zimbabewe's ruler ruined an entire economy - and why it will bring him down. By Elizabeth Spiers 
The true meaning of Twitter
The true meaning of Twitter
What exactly is Twitter? And what does its exploding popularity say about the state of the tech industry? Inside the hottest web startup since...gosh, February. By Adam Lashinsky 
Life at the top
Never fly coach again
Never fly coach again
Take a ride on the hottest new business jet in the air. Plus: jet etiquette, and how to fly private for less. 
Joy Ride
Three minis that manage to combine out-there gas mileage with just enough zoom. By Sue Zesiger Callaway 
Book Review
"Kingmakers" - Brits, twits, and others who made the Middle East the mess it is today. By Daniel Okrent 
Bigger is better
Bigger is better
Royal Caribbean is spending more than $1 billion to build the largest passenger ship ever conceived. The third in a series on the world's most ambitious construction projects. By Telis Demos/Photographs by Robert Polidori 
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