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Table of Contents:VOL. 158, NO. 7 - October 13, 2008
Cover Story
AIG's risky business
AIG's risky business
Hank Greenberg built an empire that dominated Wall Street... until it came crashing down. The inside story. By James Bandler with Roddy Boyd and Doris Burke 
Bailing Out America
Main Street turns against Wall Street
A populist backlash is changing the country's political climate. By Nina Easton 
Meanwhile, down in Charlotte...
A visit with Bank of America's Ken Lewis, the most powerful man in finance. By Shawn Tully 
The $55 trillion time bomb
Will credit default swaps blow up? By Nicholas Varchaver and Katie Benner 
'I was lucky to get out'
Erin Callan, Lehman Brothers' high-profile ex-CFO, gives her first interview since leaving the firm. By Katie Benner 
50 Most Powerful Women
The new valley girls
The new valley girls
This tech world inner circle relies on a unique social network to get ahead. By Patricia Sellers 
The 2008 list
Our 11th annual ranking of the most powerful. By Jessica Shambora and Beth Kowitt 
International power 50
By changing the face of international business, these women are helping change the world. By Jenny Mero 
Men: The new misfits
In an excerpt from a new book, The Decline of Men, author Guy Garcia explores why many men are giving up. 
Bad trip bulls
Mid-September's wild markets rattled traders even in Frankfurt. By Telis Demos 
Goin' South
A Wall Streeter's guide to Charlotte, banking's new power center. By Jia Lynn Yang 
Global breakdown
There's nothing like a financial crisis to expose global winners and losers. By Peter Gumbel 
Credit cards' Carte Blanche
Financial uncertainty is the perfect cover for a rate hike. By Mina Kimes 
The three-minute manager
How do I put together a sucession plan? By Jia Lynn Yang 
Value Driven
The power of vicious circles. By Geoff Colvin 
Farm country goes Dutch
The Netherlands Rabo-bank profits by lending to the U.S. heartland. By Telis Demos 
The best advice I ever got
Marriott International's Bill Marriott 
The hottest commodities you don't know
Speculators get ready for minor metal madness 
Questions for...
FedEx founder and CEO Fred Smith 
What should you do now?
With Wall Street banks failing and stocks hitting bear territory, this volatile market is more confusing than ever. Here's how to navigate the chaos. By Jon Birger 
The view from Silicon Valley
While Wall Street writhes in agony, how are things in the land of tech? By Jeffrey M. O'Brien 
The new throne of the techie
Take a seat on Herman Miller's new Embody chair. By Paul Keegan 
Viacom's rocky pay-TV picture show. By Richard Siklos 
Life At The Top
Go where the dollar is strong
Just because your personal treasury is shrinking doesn't mean your travel plans should too. By Chris Redman 
Joy Ride
Driving a Maserati - no joke! - can increase a woman's testosterone. By Sue Zesiger Callaway 
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