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Table of Contents:VOL. 158, NO. 8 - October 27, 2008
Is GE okay?
Is GE okay?
The company's biggest asset has turned into a liability that puts the future of the entire firm at risk. By Geoff Colvin and Katie Benner 
We can beat this
We can beat this
Are we headed for a depression? Doubtful. Bernanke & Co. really have learned from history, and they have plenty of options left. By Justin Fox 
Trash-talking in Europe
They blame the U.S., but they've been playing the same risky game. By Rob Cox and Edward Hadas 
The new New Deal
The era of small government is dead. We need a strong, skillful Washington again. By Jeffrey D. Sachs 
City on the brink
With $3.2 billion in debt, Birmingham, Ala., could go bust. By David Whitford 
Wall Street's new gambler
When Lehman tanked, Barclays saw an opportunity and snatched it up. Now the London Bank has problems of its own. By Peter Gumbel and Barney Gimbel 
Why talent is overrated
Why talent is overrated
The real page to great performance is a matter of choice. How bad do you want it? By Geoff Colvin 
The unsinkable Mellody Hobson
The markets are plummeting, but that doesn't faze this Chicago mutual fund president. By Jennifer Reingold 
MasterCard's keys to survival
The underdog is taking on Visa with smart technology and relentless marketing in the midst of a financial crisis. A Fortune 500 Series feature. By Telis Demos 
The new motor city
The future of the global auto industry is already on display in Santiago, Chile. By Alex Taylor III 
Really old money
Collecting antiquities is a high-stakes game. It could make you rich - or get you arrested. By Nadira A. Hira 
hi5 guns for Facebook
hi5 guns for Facebook
Meet the No. 3 social networking site. By Jessi Hempel 
Being Buffetted
What's in Warren's wallet? Goldman's Lloyd Blankfein is lucky enough to know. By Scott Cendrowski 
The blame game
A handy-dandy guide to who cratered the market. By Beth Kowitt 
The deal
For future use: some long-term numbers to file away - until you emerge from your bunker. By Allan Sloan 
Saudi Aramco's sunny outlook
Tons of oil! Reserves aplenty! Sounds too good to be true. By Matthew Simmons 
Buybacks take a beating
The stock-pumping tactic may have lost its mojo. By Katrina Brooker 
World's Most Admired Companies
Medco's bio bet. By Mina Kimes 
The Three-Minute Manager
What's the secret to running great meetings? By Jia Lynn Yang 
Road Warrior
Jim Nantz of CBS Sports gives the play-by-play for his life on the road. By Scott Gummer 
Shelter from the storm
With stocks plunging and credit markets frozen, here's how to keep your cash safe. By Eugenia Levenson 
Fortune Q&A
Superinvestor Bob Rodriquez says the market has further to fall. 
Google and Yahoo fight with the Feds
Google and Yahoo fight with the Feds
Yahoo's ad alliance with Google seems like a great deal to Messrs. Brin, Page, and Yang. Now they just have to win over the Justice Department. By Roger Parloff 
Is Skype on sale at eBay?
eBay overpaid, but Skype is a good business. Who are the likely buyers? By Adam Lashinsky 
Sports + Tech = $$
A peek under the hood at Sportvision, the company that brought high tech to TV sports. By Jeffrey M. O'Brien 
The future of wind power
The wind business is humming. Entrepreneurs are now racing to build energy-making kites, sails, and balloons. 
The Colvin interview
The Colvin interview
Fortune's Geoff Colvin talks with Wal-Mart's rising star Doug McMillon, the CEO of Sam's Club. 
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