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Table of Contents:VOL. 158, NO. 11 - December 08, 2008
GM and me
GM and me
It was the Great American Company when Fortune's Alex Taylor III started covering it three decades ago. But by clinging to the attributes that made it an icon, General Motors drove itself to ruin. 
Bill and Melinda Gates go back to school
Bill and Melinda Gates go back to school
Their crusade to fix schools earned a "needs improvement" so they have a new plan. The most surprising beneficiaries? Community colleges. By Claudia Wallis 
What Cuomo wants from Wall Street
When Andrew Cuomo was elected New York State attorney general, Wall Street thought he would take a page from Eliot Spitzer's playbook and put bankers' heads on a pike. So far, he'd rather settle than fight. By James Bandler with Doris Burke 
Iceland: The country that became a hedge fund
Okay, not really. But its main banks and business tycoons took huge risks, and its citizens borrowed to the hilt. Now this island nation is paying the price. By Peter Gumbel 
Liz Claiborne's extreme makeover
CEO Bill McComb has remade the apparel company by jettisoning stale brands and focusing on Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, and Lucky Jeans. So why is the stock down 90% since he took the helm. By Suzanne Kapner 
Business of green
A green city blooms in the desert
Abu Dhabi, which reckons the world will wean itself from fossil fuels, is building a city that runs on solar power, recycles all waste, and bans cars. By Julia Ioffe 
The Deal
The Deal
A turkey roast: This year's flock of loser deals. By Allan Sloan 
Financial services
A church for these times. By Adam Lashinsky with Beth Kowitt 
How to keep your job
Five tips you need now. By Beth Kowitt 
Can Citigroup survive?
Bank analyst Chris Whalen says it may take more than a sale. By Katie Benner 
Value Driven
Obama's opportunity costs. By Geoff Colvin 
The Three-Minute Manager
By Jia Lynn Yang 
World's Most Admired Companies
Cisco Systems layers it on. By Mina Kimes 
The FDIC moves in on banks
By Katie Benner 
A Republican's advice for Obama
Rally Americans around an issue that will empower us: energy. By William F. Weld 
Questions for...
Martha Stewart. With Suzanne Kapner 
Why can't Microsoft make money online?
Yes, it's hugely profitable. Just not when it competes with Google. By Adam Lashinsky
How a New York startup put fashion sample sales online. By Jessi Hempel 
Big Blue's big plan
IBM drools over the coming infrastructure boom. By Jeffrey M. O'Brien 
The re-rise of professional content. By Richard Siklos 
Life at the top
Office gift guide
Office gift guide
When it comes to giving and receiving, the workplace can be hazard-filled. This year, we've got you covered. 
Joy Ride
The updated Porsche 911 Targa 4S: Practice makes perfect. By Sue Zesiger Callaway 
The world's longest tunnel
Fourth in a series exploring the world's most ambitious construction projects. By Telis Demos 
Investing: market madness
Get ready for a rebound
Get ready for a rebound
Jeff Mortimer, chief investment officer of Schwab's mutual funds, says you need to be prepared for a rapid rise in share prices. 
Breaking Views
The return of the all-stock merger. By Rob Cox 
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