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Table of Contents:VOL. 158, NO. 12 - December 22, 2008
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Should you jump in now?
Should you jump in now?
Ignore, for a minute, the turmoil in the business world. If you have the time (say, six years) and the patience, you may want to carefully consider the markets. By Allan Sloan 
The best stocks for 2009
Here's the silver lining of the market meltdown: Equities are cheaper than they've been in years. We found ten prospects that should flourish. By Jon Birger, Katie Benner, Stephen Gandel, and Mina Kimes 
The case for bonds
Solid corporate issues are offering juicy yields. By Shawn Tully and Mina Kimes 
Stock picks from the experts
The crash has driven prices so low that even extreme value investors see some buys. By Geoff Colving 
Riding the housing bust
Investors are scooping up foreclosed properties, afraid of missing the real estate chance of a lifetime. Want to join them? Follow our tips. By David Whitford 
The 2009 housing outlook
When will prices rebound? With the economy weakening, probably not next year - when only two of the top 100 U.S. markets are expected to show gains. By Scott Cendrowski 
Where in the world to put your money
International stocks are in even worse shape than U.S. equities - and that presents hardy investors with an opportunity to go abroad. By Bill Powell 
Is your annuity safe?
Despite the financial crisis, insurers are meeting their obligations. By Walter Updegrave 
When bad years happen to good funds
Even the best managers lost money in 2008. But we've found five with stellar long-term records who see today's crisis as a golden opportunity. By Yuval Rosenberg 
Playing the blame game
Americans want simple answers to our economic woes. Here are four. By Geoff Colvin 
The upside of downward mobility
The American assumption that our kids will earn more than we do is colliding with harsh economic realities. But that doesn't mean the good life is gone. An exclusive book excerpt. By Matt Miller 
401(k) repair kit
Whether you're three months or three decades away from retirement, our targeted 401(k) checkup will help you make the right moves. By Eugenia Levenson 
College fund blues
The market has ravaged 529 plans. Here's how to get back on track. By Barbara Kiviat 
Doing less with less
It's been a great ride, and now it's over. But we can still have a lot of fun. By Stanley Bing 
The Colvin Interview
When will the market roar back? Charles Schwab, who's had a few comebacks himself, says a lot sooner than you think. 
Citadel under siege
Ken Griffin's $15 billion firm was flirting with disaster this fall. In a rare interview, he explains how it survived. By Marcia Vickers and Roddy Boyd 
How to get back in the game
Some tips for navigating the financial meltdown, culled from this year's investment guide. 
Making sense of the madness
Will the financial panic of 2008 spill into 2009? With a scary recession looming, we asked eight of the market's sharpest thinkers to put a historically bad year in perspective and offer guidance on what's ahead. 
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