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Table of Contents:VOL. 159, NO. 1 - January 19, 2009
Sending Wall Street to jail
Sending Wall Street to jail
An angry mob of burned investors is assembling, and they want to see some executives heads on spikes. The question for the courts will be, Who was just being foolish with our money - and who was lying, cheating and stealing? By Roger Parloff 
AIG: The company that came to dinner
AIG: The company that came to dinner
In a scenario reminiscent of an old Hollywood classic, a deeply distressed insurance giant is turning into a guest the federal government can't get rid of. By Carol J. Loomis  
Bob Iger rocks Disney
In revitalizing the Magic Kingdon, the CEO has built a compelling case that integreated cross-platform media leviathans like Disney still make sense in the Digital Age. By Richard Siklos  
Get the best out of your business in bad times
There's no script for running a company in a historic downturn. So what the heck do you do? Here are ten ways to weather the storm. By Geoff Colvin  
Saving Easter Island
Nine hundred years ago, the residents of Easter Island committed ecocide. Now an unlikely trio are banding together to stop history from repeating itself. By Jeffrey M. O'Brien 
52-week high
With medical marijuana initiatives gaining support across the country and abundant harvest in Northern California, the pot business is booming. By Jeffrey M. O'Brien  
Blue-chip all-stars suit up
Who's available for the big jobs in 2009? By Scott Cendrowski  
Reinventing the incubator
A Silicon Alley veteran gives a '90s model a makeover. By Jessi Hempel  
Farallon erects golden gates
A major hedge fund tells skittish investors to sit tight. By Adam Lashinsky 
Winners and losers in law business
By Telis Demos  
The deal
Don't blame the SEC. By Allan Sloan 
Question authority
Google CEO Eric Schmidt wishes he could rescue newspapers. By Adam Lashinsky 
Value driven
A CEO masters micro-credit. By Geoff Colvin 
Will Madoff's minions get hard time?
There may be trouble for the financier's conduits. By Telis Demos 
Nokia's North American problem
To stay No. 1 in cellphones, Nokia has to take on Apple and RIM on their home turf. So far it hasn't got a foothold. By Jessi Hempel 
How to give your PC a Mac-over
By Jia Lynn Yang 
Life after iPhone
What will AT&T do for an encore? By Jon Fortt 
Can iPhones go corporate?
By Jon Fortt  
Web 2.0 is so over. Welcome to Web 3.0. By Jessi Hempel 
Out-of-the-box offices
Three very different leaders show how less is more in workspace design. By David A. Keeps 
John Neff goes bargain hunting
John Neff goes bargain hunting
In a battered market, the former Windsor fund manager is finding stocks that meet his strict value standards. By Eugenia Levenson 
Breaking views
When the markets crashed, a whole intellectual edifice fell with them. New economic ideas are needed. By Edward Hadas 
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