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Table of Contents:VOL. 159, NO. 7 - April 04, 2009
How to get a job
How to get a job
It's brutal out there. But the people getting hired aren't necessarily the most qualified or connected - they're the most creative. From food diarists to Twitter stalkers to candidates tapping the "hidden" job market, here's what's working now. By Jia Lynn Yang 
More brazen than Madoff?
More brazen than Madoff?
Of all the fraud's that have come to light in this season of financial pain, none can match the theatricality of the scam allegedly pulled off by superlawyer Marc Dreier. By Roger Parloff 
Chris Dodd's loyalty test
The senator's task is huge: rewriting the rules for banks. But which side of him will emerge - populist reformer or friend of companies like AIG? Now's his moment of truth. By David Whitford 
In the zone
What slowdown? More Americans are repairing their own vehicles, and that's driving growth at national car-parts purveyor AutoZone. A Fortune 500 Series feature. By Telis Demos 
Secrets of the TV pitchmen
Anthony Sullivan and Billy mays have sliced and diced their way to over $1 billion in combined sales. So what can the Oxi Clean guys teach big business about selling in a recession. By Brian O'Keefe 
Rage against the machine
Grafitti in lower Manhattan captures America's mood about the bailouts. By Jon Birger 
Straight talk for sale
McCain's campaign bus can be yours for $89,000. By Mina Kimes 
The yachting class sails along
As the financial crisis rages, the St. Barts Bucket regatta sells out. By David A. Kaplan 
The deal
Mad money. By Allan Sloan 
Value driven
The anti-Katrina effect. By Geoff Colvin 
The real problem with AIG
Retention payments cloud the essential issue: Ed Liddy has a long way to go. By Carol J. Loomis 
Test drive
Hybrid wars heat up. By Alex Taylor III 
World's most admired companies
A.G. Lafley's leadership machine at P&G. By Mina Kimes 
Three-minute manager
How can I get candid feedback from employees? By Mina Kimes 
Products for the other 3 billion
Products for the other 3 billion
A new breed of idealistic technologist is building ultracheap devices for the developing world. Welcome to entrepreneurship circa 2009. By Michael V. Copeland 
Mobile society
Ian Bogost's iPhone game mirrors real life. But is it any fun? By Alyssa Abkowitz 
Inconspicuous consumption
Inconspicuous consumption
Let's face it: The days of the $150 expense-account lunch are over. But at these 12 spots around the country, you can close the deal without breaking the bank. By Kate Bonamici Flaim 
Road warrior
Ron DeFeo, CEO of construction equipment maker Terex. By Scott Gummer 
Microsoft, the cash cow
Microsoft, the cash cow
The software giant may not be a high-powered growth machine anymore, but it offers financial strength and an attractive yield. By Michael V. Copeland 
Local bank makes good
A conservative New York City lender weathers the storm, thanks to strict underwriting standards. By Scott Cendrowski 
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