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Table of Contents:VOL. 159, NO. 8 - April 27, 2009
Buffett's electric car
Buffett's electric car
Why Warren Buffett is banking on an obscure Chinese car company and a CEO who drinks his own battery fluid. By Marc Gunther  
Car wars: Asia vs. the U.S.
High oil prices, green regs, and better batteries are behind the mad dash to create the ultimate electric automobile. By Alex Taylor III  
Climate crusader
"We're very reasonable people," says White House energy czar Carol Browner. Big business hopes she's right. By Julie Schlosser  
Recharging Detroit
Can Motown compete on cutting-edge battery technology? By Paul Keegan  
Andy Grove on battery power
To wean itself from imported oil, the U.S. must create a strong electric car industry. The answer may lie in Silicon Valley. 
Hard times on campus
Hard times on campus
Even elite colleges can't escape the impact of the economic slump. By Eugenia Levenson  
The mighty dollar
Small-box discounter Family Dollar Stores is a hot retailer in a cold economy. What's its lowcost secret? A Fortune 500 Series feature. By Suzanne Kapner  
Who is Rick Scott trying to heal?
The fallen hospital king is taking on Obama over health care and launching a bold new venture. By Nina Easton  
Yahoo's taskmaster
Carol Bartz is shrewd, strong-minded, blunt, and disciplined. But can she fix Yahoo? By Jon Fortt  
Banking the Buffalo way
At a time of crisis, the big boys could learn a lot from M&T Bank, a thriving regional player. By Jennifer Reingold  
Gang green
Instant makeovers for the neglected lawns of foreclosed homes. By Jia Lynn Yang  
High anxiety
Declining demand outpaces the airlines' cost cutting. By Telis Demos  
Book value
The story of California's cult burger chain, In-N-Out, is quite a juicy tale. By Jia Lynn Yang  
The deal
How the feds can save taxpayers a whole lot of money in the future. By Allan Sloan  
Damsel of distressed
Lynn Tilton has a unique approach to private equity. By Telis Demos  
John Doerr's oil patch lesson
The rock star VC's bet on Terralliance Technologies is no gusher. By Adam Lashinsky  
Rupert Murdoch takes Google's Eric Schmidt out to sea
By Richard Siklos  
Trading the untradable pays off
An online platform hopes to profit from the bank relief plan. By Telis Demos  
How I got started
RIM founder and co-CEO Mike Lazaridis. Interview by Alyssa Abkowitz  
Back off!
Should the feds tell business what to do? By Geoff Colvin  
Road warrior
FedEx senior vice president Raj Subramaniam. By Eugenia Levenson  
Free to choose
A growing number of companies are letting employees select and manage their work PCs. This is also (surprise!) a way to cut tech costs. By Jon Fortt  
Raising Bill Gates
The secrets to rearing a future business icon. An exclusive excerpt from "Showing Up for Life." By William H. Gates  
Time to bet on oil again
Time to bet on oil again
The collapse in the price of crude has caused companies to slash budgets - setting the stage for rebounding stock prices. By Mina Kimes  
Fastest-growing companies update
Despite robust growth and rabid customers, videogame chain GameStop can't get any respect from investors. By Eugenia Levenson  
Should you buy AmEx? By Scott Cendrowski  
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