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Table of Contents:VOL. 159, NO. 9 - May 04, 2009
Pop! Went the bubble
Pop! Went the bubble
How the Fortune 500's earnings went from record gains to a shocking fall as revenues collapsed faster than companies could cut costs. By Shawn Tully  
The 500 largest U.S. corporations
Arrivals and departures
Company performance
The 500 ranked within states
The 500 ranked within industries
Viewpoints on the crisis
Viewpoints on the crisis
Leaders from finance, business, and politics - from President Obama to PepsiCo's Indra Nooyi - weigh in on the future of the U.S. economy.  
The lessons of adversity
What has corporate America learned from the economic crisis? The survivors have been taught a few things about thinking long term and sticking to principles. By Rick Tetzeli  
Riders on the Storm
Wells Fargo's takeover of Wachovia makes it a national force, but how much toxic waste is aboard the stagecoach? By Adam Lashinsky  
IBM's plan to save the planet
CEO Sam Palmisano's formula: Find problems, toss in billions in R&D, add consultants and an earnest ad campaign? and watch profits roll in. By Jeffrey M. O'Brien  
The directors
A gallery of directors of the 500 companies and groups that affect them. Photographs by Ben Baker  
Rating McGraw-Hill
CEO Terry McGraw kept a low profile as he built McGraw-Hill into a moneymaking machine. But that was before its Standard & Poor's subsidiary went from cash cow to a catalyst of the economic meltdown. By William D. Cohan  
J&J: Secrets of success
Johnson & Johnson doesn't seek the spotlight, but its extraordinary track record is a wonder to behold. By Geoff Colvin and Jessica Shambora  
Pump it up!
Exxon Mobil has been investing heavily in gas liquefaction plants in the emirate of Qatar, home of the world's largest naturalgas reservoir - the offshore North Field. By Brian O'Keefe  
In logos we trust
Which symbols of Fortune 500 banks are sending the right message? By Scott Cendrowski  
For hire: our old staff
Some laid-off workers are getting help from the companies that let them go. By Jia Lynn Yang  
The recent market rally may be a "melt-up," fueled by excess cash and momentum, not fundamentals. By Mina Kimes  
The three-minute manager
How do I make my research-anddevelopment spending more efficient in this economy? By Jia Lynn Yang  
The Deal
What have we learned from the crash? Nothing lasts forever. Not even bear markets. By Allan Sloan  
How I got started
Visa's Joe Saunders reflects on his circuitous path to the corner office. Interview by Mina Kimes  
The 500 exposed!
The faces, facts, and figures hidden in this year's list. By Mina Kimes  
Road warrior
Budget-friendly travel tips from Laura Sen, CEO of BJ's Wholesale Club. By Eugenia Levenson  
The best advice I ever got
General Mills CEO Ken Powell learned to move beyond his comfort zone. Interview by Beth Kowitt  
2009 Federal Bailout Application. By Tim Carvell  
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