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Table of Contents:VOL. 159, NO. 12 - June 08, 2009
Amazon's next revolution
Amazon's next revolution
CEO Jeff Bezos used the web to shake up book retailing. Now he's using the Internet to sell electronic books on his Kindle e-reader. A look at Amazon's latest effort to transform the book business, writ digital. By Jeffrey M. O'Brien  
The upside of the downturn
This recession will change the course of your career. Whether you're damaged or strengthened depends on the way you respond. Can you rise to the challenge? By Geoff Colvin  
My business is booming
Got a bright idea? There's $787 billion in stimulus money up for grabs. These businesspeople are thriving because of the climate, not in spite of it. By Michael V. Copeland  
The job squad
Obama vowed to create or save 3.5 million jobs in fields like infrastructure and IT. We tracked down a few new hires. By Telis Demos and Beth Kowitt  
Palm fights back
Palm fights back
The beleaguered handset maker says its new smartphone, the Pre, is an iPhone killer. Apple isn't laughing. By Adam Lashinsky  
A big new world to engineer
Recession aside, a growing population will trigger lots more construction. How a gung-ho firm from Colorado is winning a major piece of the action. A Fortune 500 Series feature. By Marc Gunther  
Going underground
Thanks to abundant federal money for infrastructure, tunnel projects are booming. By Telis Demos  
Blood money
As times get tight, more Americans open a vein. By Mina Kimes  
Furlough nation
Gannett employees on unpaid leave try house swapping. By Beth Kowitt  
The deal
The financial meltdown is about to enter another year. Yecch! By Allan Sloan  
Mark Bloom: From Jet Setter to Pauper
The defrocked hedge fund manager has to rely on a public defender. By Alyssa Abkowitz  
The economy
Ignore your shareholders! By Justin Fox  
Rent-to-own makes a comeback
In this down economy, Aaron's business is looking up. By Suzanne Kapner  
Food tales
Food tales
Think food distribution is a low-tech enterprise? Try getting perishables across the country without sophisticated software and systems. By Jia Lynn Yang  
Phones into plowshares
By Jessica Shambora  
The smell test
The food industry tries out aroma infusions. By Jessi Hempel  
Move over, Mr. Coffee
The $10,000 Siphon Bar produces coffee that makes purists weep. By Jeffrey M. O'Brien  
Luxury for less
Looking to get away? Rates at high-end hotels have rarely been this low. From the Caymans to the U.S. capital, we found spots to suit any budget. By Diane Tegmeyer  
Road warrior
DirecTV's Paul Guyardo. By Beth Kowitt  
Book Review
History channeler. By Daniel Okrent  
Fastest-Growing Companies update
Fastest-Growing Companies update
Wireless chipmaker Atheros hopes for a bounce. By Michael V. Copeland  
How to avoid the death tax
The smart use of gifts and trusts can help you pass on more to your heirs. Another in our Money & Main St. series examining how economic events are affecting Americans. By Janet Morrissey  
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