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Table of Contents:VOL. 160, NO. 2 - July 20, 2009
Cover story
I want you to get the future
I want you to get the future
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. ... Where's it all going? Internet pioneer Marc Andreessen says what he's betting on now. By Kevin Maney 
Fortune Global 500
China Inc. takes off
Chinese industries are the big news in this year's Global 500 list. By Marc Gunther 
Meet Shell's new CEO
By Peter Gumbel 
How Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche plans to fix Mercedes
By Peter Gumbel 
World's most admired companies
BASF finds a way to retain older workers. By Mina Kimes 
The List

•The world's largest corporations
•How the companies stack up

Brainstorm: Tech 2009
The chip company that dares to battle Intel
ARM has become a power in chip design for iPhones and other devices. Now it must fend off the industry's biggest player. By Jon Fortt 
No free lunch
Futurist Stewart Brand was first to say "Information wants to be free." He also said it "wants to be expensive." By Richard Siklos 
Nuclear war: Inside the takeover battle for America's electricity
Nuclear war: Inside the takeover battle for America's electricity
Fortune exclusive: What happens behind the scenes when one company refuses to be swallowed by a bigger rival? We take you into the epic struggle between two very different visions of the future. By David Whitford 
Bob Shiller didn't kill the housing market
He just predicted its demise. Now he's seeing some tentative signs of hope. By Katie Benner 
Photo finish
Kodachrome, the most successful color film of all time, is being taken off the market. By Michael V. Copeland 
CEOs under the knife
Jobs is back, but other top executives have taken medical leave. By Alyssa Abkowitz 
Peterson pedigree
From the boardroom to reality TV in two generations flat. By Telis Demos 
Fortune decoder
The U.S. economy is on FIRE. No, really. By Katie Benner 
Value driven
National health care may never happen. By Geoff Colvin 
Brand Barbie gets a makeover
Pushing 50, the iconic doll had lost her mojo. Richard Dickson is making her hot again. By Suzanne Kapner 
How I got started
The surfin' CEO: Bob McKnight's trip to Bali set him on a path to run surfwear giant Quiksilver. Interview by Alyssa Abkowitz 
Making big drugs
Geoff Colvin talks with Amgen CEO Kevin Sharer, whose job is to produce blockbuster drugs. Will health-care reform make that harder? 
Investing in a crisis
China on the march, again
Now it's the consumers, not the exporters, who are powering the mighty economy. Here's how investors can play the trend. By Mina Kimes 
Fastest-growing companies
A company that recycles auto parts struggles to stay in the fast lane. By Telis Demos 
Analyst face-off
Is Whole Foods a buy? By Scott Cendrowski 
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