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Table of Contents:VOL. 160, NO. 6 - September 28, 2009
Cover story
Is pot already legal?
Is pot already legal?
Medical marijuana is doing more than changing the way the drug is perceived. It's giving activists a chance to show how a legitimized pot business could work. Is the end of prohibition upon us? By Roger Parloff 
The Lehman crisis: One year later
Lessons of the crash of '08
It would be nice to say we've learned something. But, sorry to say, Wall Street will always be Wall Street. By Allan Sloan 
"We were looking at the abyss"
Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner recalls the anxious meetings among top bankers and officials racing to contain the damage. 
When Wall Street nearly collapsed
A year after the fall of Lehman, the people at the center of the storm share what they were thinking. 
There is life after Lehman
Kevin White and other alumni still profitably ply their trade. By Katie Benner and Telis Demos 
Is anyone going to jail for this?
Why vengeance is elusive. By William D. Cohan 
The 50 most powerful women
The 2009 list
The 2009 list
By Jessica Shambora and Beth Kowitt 
Queen of pop
A talk with Indra Nooyi, the No. 1 Most Powerful Woman. Interview by Patricia Sellers 
My work/life philosophy
Three women in power share their strategies. 
The enforcer
She's Oracle's president and the force behind its stellar performance. But who exactly is Safra Catz? By Adam Lashinsky 
The 10 most powerful women in Washington
By Jia Lynn Yang with Nina Easton 
The capitalist who loves North Korea
After making it as an entrepreneur in the U.S., James Kim is returning to Pyongyang to open a university that will offer, of all things, an MBA. By Bill Powell 
Going viral
The swine flu virus appears likely to wreak more havoc in coming months than it did in the past. By Nicholas Varchaver 
Book value
The secret to Jamie Dimon's luster. By Jia Lynn Yang 
IPOs take flight
Public markets get ready for more listings. By Alyssa Abkowitz 
Made in the U.S.A.
Stanley Furniture is moving production of its children's line back to the U.S. By Sarah Kabourek 
Meet the new owners of the Cubs
The Ricketts family takes control of the storied Chicago team. By David Whitford 
How I got started
A poor LSAT score led John Schnatter to found Papa John's pizza. 
100 best companies to work for
Boston Consulting Group, No. 3, helps women get ahead. By Christopher Tkaczyk 
How one city got smart
How one city got smart
San Francisco is using advanced technology to turn the city into one of America's greenest. By David Ewing Duncan 
The best advice I ever got
Applied Materials CEO Mike Splinter. 
Life at the top
Wine buying for vultures
Undertones of overproduction and a whiff of desperation have created the perfect climate for finding record low prices. By Jeffrey M. O'Brien 
Cabin fever
Craig Barrett spent three decades in Silicon Valley, but now the former Intel chief is off to greener pastures - iterally. By Jennifer Reingold 
Road warrior
Kendall-Jackson founder Jess Jackson. By Scott Gummer 
Editor's desk
Is the rally for real?
Stocks have been on a record run. We ask the experts where they go from here. By Scott Cendrowski 
Ready for a refresh
If businesses start buying PCs again, expect the resurgence in Dell shares to continue. By Michael V. Copeland 
Analyst face-off
Can Sprint recover? By Scott Cendrowski 
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