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Table of Contents:VOL. 160, NO. 11 - December 07, 2009
Top Companies for Leaders
Building great leaders
Building great leaders
To help prepare promising leaders for the future, top companies are forcing their employees to take on new (global) risks. By Geoff Colvin 
The global list
The world's best businesses know that developing talent is their top priority. Here are 25 that are doing it right. By Beth Kowitt and Kim Thai 
How Procter & Gamble picked a new CEO
Secret meetings. A binder full of top talent. Behind the scenes at P&G, where A.G. Lafley and protégé Bob McDonald are navigating the sweet science of succession. By Jennifer Reingold 
The king of natural gas
John Arnold has made billions as an energy-trading phenom. But the rules of his game are about to change. By Telis Demos 
Best Buy wants your junk
The company's massive recycling program seems expensive to run, until you look at all the benefits. A Fortune 500 Series feature. By Marc Gunther 
Selling Detroit
This troubled city needs to attract business and talent. So Fortune asked five ad agencies with Detroit offices to come up with a pitch and donate the results to the city's cause. 
Free Dennis Kozlowski?
Tyco's former CEO is serving up to 25 years for his sins. But in the age of Wall Street chicanery, it may be time to rethink who's really a criminal. By David A. Kaplan 
Dump the dollar! Buy gold!
Master trader Chris Pia explains the market. By Shawn Tully 
The deal
Turkeys of the year. By Allan Sloan 
Enron takes the stage
A British hit based on the 2001 scandal is set to come to Broadway this spring. By Beth Kowitt 
The big financial pay pie
The basic issue is profits, not bonuses. By Carol J. Loomis and Doris Burke 
The standardized-test smackdown. By David A. Kaplan 
Report from Europe
A deal on climate change? Not exactly. By Peter Gumbel 
The billionaire Buddhist who invented the netbook
A few years ago, rivals mocked Asustek's Jonney Shih and his purse-size laptops. Shih is having the last laugh. By Michael V. Copeland 
Life at the top
Holiday gift guide
Take the stress out of holiday shopping with our picks for everyone on your list. By Kate Flaim and Chloe Lieske 
Book review
Fan of letters. By Daniel Okrent 
Bunky Hearst's trust issues
When the marriage of William Randolph Hearst's grandson hit the skids, the ensuing legal battle threatened to reveal secrets of the family's media empire. By Mark Fass 
The Yacktman fund rules
Racking up big returns, the celebrated value portfolio shows how patience and a contrarian bent can pay off. By Mina Kimes 
Updating Buffett's bet
The hedge funds take an early lead as they lose less than the S&P 500 in a bad market. But there are nine years to go. By Carol J. Loomis 
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