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Table of Contents:VOL. 160, NO. 12 - December 21, 2009
Cover Story
The best stocks for 2010
The best stocks for 2010
It's unlikely that equities will enjoy a repeat of the mass revival of 2009. But we've found 10 stocks that should prosper even if the markets don't. By Katie Benner, Scott Cendrowskski, and Mina Kimes 
Investor's Guide 2010
Superstar investor Mohamed El-Erian
Why the Pimco CEO - and former Harvard endowment manager - sees turbulence ahead for individual investors. An interview by Fortune's Geoff Colvin. 
Stock picks from the expert roundtable
With economic uncertainty near an all-time high, we sought the advice of five of the smartest market watchers we know. Interview by Geoff Colvin 
Can you outsmart the market?
Academic theory, historical data, and -face it - your own experience suggest you can't. But at times the market acts the fool. Protecting yourself from its folly is simpler than you might think. By Pat Regnier 
The wide world of index funds
A sampling of the largest passive portfolios. By Beth Kowitt 
Getting even isn't good enough
Your 401(k) may have returned to pre-crash levels. But just treading water won't power you to a comfortable retirement. These four moves will. By Penelope Wang 
Playing the China boom
It's not too late to buy into the Asian giant's stock rally. But China's domestic equities market is highly volatile, so just be prepared for some whiplash. By Bill Powell 
Tech stocks for the next 10 years
Tech investing is all about the Next Big Thing. Here are four trends that could really pay off - and nine companies that stand to benefit hugely. By Michael V. Copeland 
Thanks to Lewie Ranieri, many Americans who were facing foreclosure still have a home
He's sorry about helping create the mortgage mess. But now the legendary financier has a plan to repair the damage - and make a bundle in the process. By Shawn Tully 
The 2010 housing outlook
This year the housing market showed signs of life. But with foreclosures and unemployment climbing, prices have further to fall. By Beth Kowitt 
Once upon a time in mortgage land
In 2007 we dissected one particularly wretched mortgage-backed securities issue. How did it all turn out? Can you say "horror story"? By Allan Sloan and Doris Burke 
While you were out
Fourth-quarter yearnings: Could we have less talk about gloom and about doom in 2010? And more talk of, say, Carla Bruni? By Stanley Bing 
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