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Table of Contents:VOL. 161, NO. 1 - January 18, 2010
Cover Story
The toughest car company of them all
The toughest car company of them all
With best-in-class quality, marketing hustle, and aggression that borders on recklessness, Hyundai is speeding to the head of the pack. It has given Toyota a scare, and now it is pushing its way into the luxury-car game. By Alex Taylor III 
Will the real Lou Dobbs please stand up?
Will the real Lou Dobbs please stand up?
Good guy? Bad guy? Either way, the controversial broadcaster is looking for his next big gig. By David A. Kaplan 
Can farming revive Detroit?
With lots of empty space and a shrinking population, the Motor City may be ready to try something radical: urban agriculture. By David Whitford 
The catchall fraud law that catches too much
Federal prosecutors' favorite tool for fighting business crime is under attack in three cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, including former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling's. Will scores of convicts walk - and should they? By Roger Parloff 
The plan to save the music biz
A&M/Octone's James Diener has a maverick approach to music management: Take care of your band, demand the world of them, and the business will take care of itself. Guys like BlackRock's Larry Fink are betting on him. By Mina Kimes 
Let the games begin
After landing the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver has struggled to meet the bare-bones $1.7 billion budget. By Scott Cendrowski 
The latest CEO accessory: A chief of staff
Busy executives are relying on a new kind of adviser. By Beth Kowitt with Alyssa Abkowitz 
Directors: Feeding at the trough
Executive pay is under fire. But few have noticed that board members are also raking in the big bucks. By Carol J. Loomis 
Value driven
A new metric for performance has emerged that can't easily be gamed - and savvy investors and managers will check it out. By Geoff Colvin 
The deal
The myth of "Cadillac Care": Where the excise tax on health-care plans goes wrong. By Allan Sloan 
What's ahead in the next decade?
Don't assume the coming 10 years will resemble the past 10. We've enlisted four investing sages who lay out where the opportunities - and pitfalls - will be found. By Scott Cendrowski 
Clash of the technology titans
The biggest computing and networking companies in the world are getting bigger, and former partners are now fierce rivals. Is tech's new strife good for customers? By Jessi Hempel 
Ringtones' requiem
Customized cellphone rings are so 2004. By Kim Thai 
Life at the top
Winter beach getaways
The high-end travel market is rebounding, but you can still find a deal on a midwinter tropical vacation. By Shivani Vora 
Editor's desk
Special report
How Ronald Perelman met his match
The pugnacious Revlon chairman has a pattern of battling his exes in court: ex-employees, ex-associates, and especially ex-wives. But when he sued his octogenarian ex-father-in-law, he was in for a big surprise. By James Bandler 
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